Body lean

I’ve been finding very difficult to lift my knees or get my heel over my support knee when doing my runs. It feels forced. I can get a good lean and my knees do come up but it does not feel easy.

Could this be from tightness or maybe core stregnth is too low?


1st it sounds tightness - thighs perhaps?
2nd it sounds core - perhaps doing some sets of 30m Running A’s at the end of some sessions during the week?

Maybe its more a problem with foot over opposite knee in relation to the position of your hip girdle. Depending on the position of your hip girdle in the single support position, you may or may not be able to bring your knee up to a position perpendicular to said hip girdle zero…Maybe?

Which would be? Lack of strength/power? or hip flexability/mobility?

This has been a question of mine recently as well. It seems like some people are doing this natural while others have to have “learn” it. When I see athletes like Veronica Campbell, & Tyson Gay, I don’t see this action at all. Asafa Powell on the other hand, does this as good if not better than anyone i’ve seen recently.

Also, becuase of the physics going on when the correct movements are going on, the athlete is forced to run upright and tall. Contrary to the old way of leaning forward.

There are times when you should be purposely trying to do something(practice/training)…And of course there are times when it should be automatic(meets)…

My question to add to the topic, would be whether or not this movement is mainly a natural occurance. Or can you train and develop these movements to becoming more effective.

Which is the bigger culprit…

  1. Tight quads
  2. Weak hamstrings
  3. Weak Core
  4. More pronounced arch in the back
  5. Weak hips

Or does the power needed to achieve these movements trump all.

I’d put tight Quads first, with many of the other issues on the list coming from there.

I would prob say quads and glutes. I was doing some isorobic runs during my gpp when they got irritated. The kind of soreness you feel in your forearm after playing too much tennis. They dont hurt any more but every time i do accels i feel that twinge. very f-ing annoying feeling :slight_smile: Maybe some foam rollers might help.

I cant remember the last time I streched my glutes. So now that I am in SPP and running taller I can feel the tightness when I lean and lift.

Oh well that’s what you get when you get old :slight_smile:

Veronica has one of the best leans in the business, u should go back and watch her races.

The action that I was talking about was her feet coming up to her butt and over the opposite knee(support). I was using her and Tyson as an exmple in response to nycjay01. She does have a lean. An excessive forward lean. And that’s one of the reasons I included a pronounce arch in the lower back, since it may be the cause of her not being able to achieve the movements that nycjay was talking about.

What are some basic que’s/drills that could help with this, or should the lack of flexibility in certain areas be the main thing to address.