Body Language

What bodylanguage do you use before a big event?
How do you get yourself pumped?
Do you have certain physical triggers you use to get yourself going?
I know i get myself going by certain physical habits that i try to get back to when im not confident. What do you guys do?

I usually walk with a cetain strut. I feel myself running fast even when i’m walking around, i just try to stay focused on what i got to do but i keep myself relaxed as can be so as not to tighten up in the race.

There might be a time to get yourself pumped.

But for the most part, adequate preparation will lead to greater confidence.

Kobe Bryant can have a horrible game and say miss 10 shots in a row, but he will still take the last shot. Why? Because he has the confidence from the literally MILLIONS of jumpers he’s taken in practice before. He is a killer.

Similarly, when you know that you’ve had a good year (good GPP, SPP) and have performed tens of 1000s of meters of quality speed work, then why shouldn’t you feel good about yourself?

Run your own race and just let things happen. The fastest man doesn’t always win.

Agreed. I’m eighteen and I’m a singer (classical - opera, although I sing jazz and stuff too), and when I sing in big performance halls and for juries / competitions in front of my professors I always think about the song I’m singing and what message I want to convey. I never think about the technicality or when I’m going to sing more intense, quietly…it’s all int he word’s which I’ve mastered while practicing. The same thing applies to sprinting I believe…don’t think about how you’re going to run…just run. Think about the end of the race when your in 1st place. That applies to everything in your life, always imagine where you want to be in the future. You are what you think.

Getting yourself hyped up is great and all, but I’ve found a serene calmness does the same trick (at least with my PR’s). It’s all in your head, really. If you think you’re going to succeed then you have a much greater chance, regardless of adrenaline or not.