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I purchase the book, Body-For-Life by Bill Phillips. Has anybody read it? Any comments? Suggestions? The books sounds very good. But I was puzzled by his claim that you can change your life in 12 weeks. Has anybody done it? Sounds pretty cheesy to me. However, but reading the book, I like his claims about eating 6 meals a day and working out 6 days a week. And what about myoplex? Is it good for you? Any side effects? Can you can too much of this stuff?


I am no nutrition expert, but when i was in 8th grade and probaly about 30 or more lbs overweight i read and used the diet, i lost about 20lbs. The diet is a good base as a way to eat if you dont eat good now, but it still leaves some holes. The myoplex was good stuff, and i used it for 2 years, i loved the taste. but way to expensive for me. As far as 12 week change, i am working on getting myself to 8% bodyfat and trying to do it in 3 months, and so far my progress is good, so i think it is possible. Overall i think it is a good read for getting a basic okay diet, but it isnt anything groundbreaking, 6 small meals, stop eating when you are satisfied, exercise, lifting, and free day. Hope that helps
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Myoplex way too expensive??? You’re buying them in the wrong place!!!

***BFL is a decent program designed for general population who needs a lot of motivation to get the ball rolling. I’ve used it in the past and dropped a lot of BF but it doesn’t really pack on mass nor strength that much. It was just a simple program to follow, but for me, it was just mostly maintenace program before I get serious about powerlifting. Not for athletes looking to improve their performance but it’s a good one if they want to clean up their diet. The problem with this weight training/cardio program, you’ll burn out. My suggestion is don’t go to failure on evey set, stop one or two reps short of failure. Don’t do HIIT cardio all the time! Start with conditioning base first e.g. easy cardio for 20-30 mins for 2-4 weeks till you can do it for 30 consecitive minutes (preferably 3 miles in 30 mins) then start doing HIIT cardio ONCE a week while you do 2 others easy cardio. It might be OK to do another HIIT but do it on stairclimber or nonimpact cardio machine. Make sure you do them first thing in the morning. Taking a pure protein shake (20g) and a cup of coffee or any stimulants might amp up the fat burning but make sure you take them at least 30 mins prior to cardio. Same thing for weight training.

*** I’d prefer to use powerlift/OL training type aka Westside Barbell or CT’s Optimum Volume Training (OVT) but follow BFL’s nutrition guideline since it’s simple to follow. The reasons for powerlifting type are that it’d make you very strong and pack on “functional” muscle mass plus it’d make you look hard and ripped unlike those bodybuilders these days who follow high reps/moderate weights on isolation machines that has nothing to do with everyday movements. Just my philosophy…

Body-For-Life is a decent program for beginners. The “secret/trick” is that the workouts all fall under a hypertrophy-endurance training phase. No periodization in this program. Another do this workout and you are “fixed”. Read some tudor bompa books on periodization or charles poliquin: the poliquin principles. No quick solutions here, just hard work. Learn to apply basic principles based in science and lose your dependency on “gurus”.

Thanks for all your help! I am fairly new at this. What do you mean by “periodization”?

periodization is a formal term for the organization of training either by the annual plan (yearly) or of the bio-motor abilities (strength, speed, endurance, etc.). bompa is credited with popularizing the term and has written several books on the subject. See or look into: periodization: theory and methodology of training, periodization training for sports, serious strength training, etc. Periodization is the key to long-term success.