Body Fat

Hey Everybody,

I have been working out consistenly for the past 9 months. My training work usually consist of 2 days of cardiovascular (tai-bo classes) and 3-4 days of weigth training. (Usually I have Saturdays and Sundays off, althought I do play softball on Sunday nights) When I starting my training, I weigth approx 205 lbs. (with 26% body fat, hence my consistant training!)

Now, I dropped my weight to approx 190 Lbs but yet my body fat only went down to approx 25%. What gives?

I know nutrition is a HUGE part of training. But what can I say, I m Italian and I love to eat!

My question is; what is the proper way to lose body fat? Any special websites out there can could help me out?

Thanks for all your help…

But what can I say, I m Italian and I love to eat!

dont mean to flame you as you are new to the board, but of all the excuses i hear (and i do hear alot of them) this in the one that gets me the most. so what you are saying that those of us with discipline to eat clean dont love to eat? or are you saying that you have a deep emotional tie to food and it fills a void somewhere else in your life and gives you the feeling of being loved?

as for your question, check this article out t-mag food article or head over to and look around, its free and there is more than enough info there to get you started.

and just for the record, my wife is italian, she also loves to eat and she is ripped. here a pic of D finishing her routine at cnd national fitness champs last month.

Being lean is about choices…we usually know what to do but giving up something or making change is painfull.

i would agree with that 100%.

when someone says " i can’t" what they are really saying is “i can, but im not willing to do what it takes to get it done.”


Thanks for you help. I really appreciate your input. However, I did find you were rude. Just because my excuse pisses you off doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me.

At you’re 110% right. If I want to get lean, I will have to work hard at it and stop coming out with stupid excuses. I find it harder for me to watch what I eat because, every time I go to family gatherings or weddings etc. This is an added pressure to eat a lot. It’s very common for Europeans to do so. And if you don’t eat, everybody thinks you’re sick or not feeling well.

Anyway, that my issue and I will have to deal with that. But you’re right, I will have to make sacrifices and adjustments

Send Congratulations to your wife.

nightmare, where’d your wife place?


she came 4th and was pretty stoked about the whole thing. ive been meaning to write a post detailing her training/prep/nutritonal work leading up to the event as we approached the events (provincials and nationals) more lik an athlete than a bodybuilder as most fitness girls do. if i get time today ill start the thread, not only to share the info, but to give props to CF as we used alot of his teachings.


well that was the idea!!! and while i havent been back to italy with D she has been a few times over the last couple years and the stories she tells me about the way the entire culture approaches meals is completely different. she always hears the “you must be sick” or “you dont like my cooking?” so im feeling you to an extent in that department.

one suggestions that may or may not be easy to put into your program is fruits and veggies, and at this point i would say more veggies than fruit. if you can replace pasta and bread (yes i know, i hear you) with veggies (as much as you can) at meals, this will go a long long way to gettting the ball rolling. not only are veggies more calorically efficent than bread and pasta (and im not saying cut them out all together, just slowly start subing them in at every meal) but you get natural vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals in every veggie.

good luck and keep us posted…