Bob Kersee & His Training Philosophy?

Yesterday while at UCLA for a track meet
I saw Kersee and his athletes working out at Drake Stadium.

His athletes was doing some fast 300’s and 250’s
Felix,Muna Lee ran one of their 300’s in 38 I believe it was; and 2 other ladies came through around 39.2 w/ 4-5 min Rest finishing w/ 3-4 200’s in 24-25 seconds.

WoW! Does any one know Kersee’s Training Coach Philosophy?

He seems to be somewhat tight-lipped about his training. I met him once at a seminar.
Here are a few brief notes I made from him.

  • Squats, olympic lifts/ bounds
  • Does upper body on speed days…lift around 4x per week
  • Don’t be afraid to give an extra day of rest
  • Use video analysis for starts

He also said he times everything he possibly can. He was like “When some of my girls [FloJo]started running low .9x 10m segments in practice, I knew they were ready”…(yea Bobby, ya think? :rolleyes: )

Getting specifc information from him was almost futile.

so 1 x 300 then 4-5 mins rest and 3-4 x200 with how much rest?

I couldn’t tell because I got distracted after the 300m, I just saw the start o the 200’s I know the rest was shorter for the 200’s I know that.

upper body on speed days…, 4 lifting sessions a week…do you know the template for speed?2 or 3 sessions a week?

I know what you mean.I was at that same seminar. :wink:

Consider that he may not have anything of substance to offer…


re: rrrright

The true “greats” are regularly shown to be very free with information.

As I have said in another thread, Its not the recipe nor the ingredients but the skill of the chef…

Dont let performances alone fool you…

in the end of the day…history books measure us on performance alone… not how nice or free with information a person is along the way…

in saying that i have found him very accomodating indeed…

an example schedule?

Edit: History books measure athletes on performance.

I seriously doubt that you will find him in history books. His athletes are among the greats, however they reached their acheivements.

There are great coaches who are not nice, thats not the point. When I have observed him being “free” with info or in talking with others who have interacted with him, there is a common thread that is not equal to what you would expect from the coach of performers who have reached the levels that they have.

What hand he had in say 10.49 is left for history…but that is a different topic.

There are greater resources available is all I was saying. We all know of athletes at any level who have outstanding performances while being coached by someone we know to be lesser than what the performance might lead you to expect.

I, and I’m sure others would be appreciate CF weighing in on the subject of Bob Kersee’s coaching/training philosophy, etc. that he might be aware of.

I only know a bit about his training. Angella Issajenko had a training camp in LA with then boyfriend John Smith in 1981 and when she returned in 1982 she saw Bobby giving the tempo Big Circuit to Florence back in 1982 (wonder where that came from?)
Some of Bobby’s stuff is based on Wilbur Ross’ ideas about “critical zones” (multiples of 80m) and I spoke to one girl who trained with him in hurdles and he believes (as I always have) that you get the best results by moving the hurdles down and in (lower and closer together) to get the right rythem and frequency right away- then moving them progressively farther apart as able to maintain the appropriate frequency. I think everyone can agree that he’s made that work!

Did Colonel Sanders tell anyone about his recipe for making chicken?

If you were to stumble upon a training philosophy that was better than anyone else’s, would you tell anyone? Probably not.

The Colonel is dead, with the heart and coronary disease - deceesed souls of many in his history, there are a myriad of fast food chicken places, and Shake n Bake is on your store shelves.

If you want me to accept your arguement, than you must accept this opposite.
If you were to stumble upon an athlete that was better than anyone else, that got there when your skills were lesser than their level of acheivement, would you tell anyone? Probably not.

Would you suggest that after “stumbling upon a training philosophy that was better than anyone elses” he was the pivotal factor in the 10.49?

Take my comments as you will. There are better sources is all.

Nobody’s lucky all the time. Like him or not, Bobby produces over and over.
BTW, Colonel Sanders died at a pretty advanced age- he didn’t even start KFC till he was past retirement age- and he donated the first EMS machine I was ever hooked up to at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto back in the 70s.

And you’ve been hooked on KFC ever since…

or is it just a baggy shirt your wearing :smiley:

I only ever have KFC about twice a decade so you can’t blame the Colonel.

spend 6 months or so a year living in asia and once the rice starts coming out your ears the old ,kun der chee (KFC) or mai dung lao (mcdonalds) start to look slightly more inviting.

if thats at all possible…