Bob Alejo

I was wondering about Bob Alejo, former UCLA strength coach…he takes credit for Gail, Kevin Young, JJK, and Mike Powell…is he the man behind some of the success or just milking the timing?

Bob Alejo



after reading through his site for about 30 mins i’d say he just milked the timing & did not play a big role in any of the track and field athletes you mentioned. his thoughts on GPP, weights, and agility are your typical S&C coach outlines. his one quote about lifting should say it all, “always use the heaviest weights possible.”

Bob wrote an detailed article on the strength training of kevin Young I assume he wrote the program also, there are lots of articles about soccer and volleyball training at UCLA and they all follow the same themes as Kevins work…
So I think he was involved though I thought Venegas ran the show at least with the 100-200 people.