blood type based diet

anyone here have any thoughts on diets of this type? sounds logical to me :wink:

I’d say it’s crap’n’bullshit :baddevil::

Are you talking blood type as in macro/micro nutrient analysis?

Richard, as in if you a negative you should eat more iron, so yeah micro/macro nutrient analysis

I think you’re talking about the ‘Eat Right for your Type’ diet …

Man forget about it.
Waste of time.

Some friends and I tried it a few years ago and sure like any diet - you loose weight at the start because you’re not eating as much - but as regards the logic behind it - forget about it man.

I’ve read about almost every diet and I tried out those I thought were the most sensible/logical. The only one I would reccomend is the Zone.

My advice … weight loss = calories in < calories out.

… and I haven’t found a diet to beat that yet!!

Go to the Supertraining site and type “Blood type diet hype” into the archives. There was lots of discussion about this diet earlier in the year.

i`m talking about a a negative guy requiring more iron than a b negative guy, or needing more sodium etc, or does it not matter what blood type you are?

A standard blood test and mineral breakdown from your Doc can give you a clear indication of any mineral deficency you might have.