Blood Testing At World Indoors

LONDON (AP) _ Athletes will undergo blood testing at the World Indoor
Championships for the first time.

The drug program will be the largest ever at an indoor event, organizers for
March 14-16 event in Birmingham, England, said Thursday.

Urine and blood samples will be analyzed at the IOC accredited laboratory at
Kings College in London.

UK Sport, Britain’s governing sports body, will run the testing program.

If it is true - it’ll be interesting to see how the injury list manifests over the next couple of weeks!

If blood testing is all it´s cracked up to be, and tests are run blind, with NO meddling, politics… I am very very curious and on the edge of my seat.

But, if the status quo remains, I don´t expect anything to change.

zoom 100: sad, but probably true. Will it be similar to the Pan Ams in 83?

Don’t jump to conclusions! Blood testing is related to EPO- which still must be confirmed through a urine test. Urine is still the best testing route in general because end products leave last through the urine. Most improvements in testing have been through this route. Also, it would be pointless for top athletes to avoid comps nowadays, as they’d simply be random tested anyway. Most of the people who will be missing indoors will be those who’ve shown poor results so far- or those who’ve had an externally applied training disruption. I’ll say no more!

point taken Charlie!

As soon as I post this, I’m going to hit my stopwatch to see if this disappears as fast as the last one…I wonder who got wind of this blood testing some time ago…before they withdrew…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Every relevant advance in drug testing has been urine based. The Blood test allows for the checking for blood boosting. If the haem is too high, a urine test is initiated for EPO. As this is a VERY expensive test, it is only done if an elevated blood level is found (which is usually circumvented by pre-meet IV fluid boosting). Advances in the EPO testing will eventually result in a cheaper test that can be universally applied. So, ironically, when blood testing STOPS, testing will be much more effective.

I would never argue with you in terms of the technical nature of testing…you are the expert, I’m the wannabe…I just think that it is ironic that some people have chosen to withdraw or became ‘injured’. You made references to incidents like that in your book.

People know a LOT more now about tests and what they mean. Some would present the blood test as an advance, when, in fact, it is an admission of a weakness in the “net”.

This is ridiculous they have to start giving lie detector tests instead of drug testing. Maybe someone could start of perfomance enhancement free league. Maybe I will. Testing once a week (lie detector) once a month drug testing, and Ill hire private investigators to tail the suspected villians. If these guys really arent using stuff then I as a coach would test them myself and say…see my guys are clean.

Meet quality tests run about 700 to 800 USD each, with EPO testing perhaps another 1000 USD per athlete. Still interested?? Lie detector tests can be circumvented with Inderol and a stone in the shoe.

No, unless I hit the lottery.

Anybody paid any attentions to val de fiemme world championships. Fins allmost blow it again, but as long as all the ropes are in the hands of couple guys I don`t think we can talk about clean competitions.