Blood Lactate Levels (Wrestling/Track/Swimming)

Which athlete accumulates the most blood lactate during there event? Wrestlers, Track and Field 400/400ih runners, or 100/200 meter swimmers?

What I have found reguarding Wrestling has been…
"A college or freestyle match lasts 6 and 8 minutes including overtime and can elevate blood lactate concentrations in excess of 15 mmol/L and sometimes reach nearly 20 mmol/L. In comparison maximal treadmill tests may raise blod lactate levels to around 10 mmol/L. Lactate will directly affect the muscles contractile mechanisms by interfering with the actin-myosin cross-bridge interactions. (Kramer et al 2004).

I would love to see and answer to this.

I have consistently witnessed female sprint swimmers producing systemic lactate levels of 15-18 mmol/L in training and competition,after single or repeated all out efforts ranging from 25 to 90 seconds.

Care to share the exact methods of measuring those lactate values (site, equipment, etc)? Just for reference.
Thanks, pakewi!