Blocks (putting feet completly on the pads)

jason in the past i have found that holding the breath during the set position would interfere with my reaction.ben johnson used to used this technique with great success but dosen’t work for advice is to find whatever is comfortable for you but the main thing is to react fater than anyone else and i have proven in the past that by having a relaxed clear mind will allow you to always react the fastest and i will back this up 100%!

Cheers X…just out of curiosity…what are your PB’s for 60’s,100 and 200m?

The advantage to holding your breath in the set position is that it allows you to use the valsalva maneuver during your initial explosion to help stabilize your torso. This should allow you to put more force into the blocks. I think most people do this naturally.

However, like X said, if your are worrying about your breath instead of the gun, it may be counter-productive.

Accept hindbrain is best but dont accept that Quickest Reaction = Best Start!

I Agree, keep it natural.

hmm, well i know now that i have been told something wrong about starting tech. I thought that one was supposed to only drive off their lead leg. :slight_smile:

Good thread guys

gf200 i must agree with your statement but everything get a good reaction means your opponents will automaticallly be under pressure.if you get out first you have better control and can focus on what YOU have to do unlike your opponents.