Block troubles - rear leg extension

Greetings track gods,

Have been doing some self evaluation lately and have come across something that needs correction;

Basically,first movement from blocks is far too slow. 100m PB = 11.5 but my first step is leaving me behind 13 second runners.

1RM Squat = 260lbs
Standing vertical = 22"

Upon video analysis, rear leg appears to be the problem. Set, Bang…

  1. Left arm comes foward,
  2. lead leg fires ( left),
  3. right hand moves back & trial leg lifts + comes foward

At no point during ‘first movement’ is the angle of right leg greater than during set.
It immediatly comes foward to the chest - all force is being generated by lead leg.

What to do?

basically you would get more detailed and sound info if you did post the actual video clip.when evaluating sprinting always always stick with the basics…

the basic with the blocks and set-up is-in set position lead leg @90* and rear @135*.this is just an estimate ok as we are all different.

when pushing off the blocks both feet will push naturally…as the rear leg lifts off the lead will then have full force thus enabling thr rear to come through.basically the thought of swinging the arms will do all this naturally

flyer please try and post your clip…it will be beneficial to all especially yourself

Will try to post the clip tommorow or next day!

I had always thought along the same lines - by pulling the trail leg foward, force must be applied backward, however it seems that if the lead leg activates first then pressure is removed from the trial leg before it is pulled foward.? ie. no force applied

Block set-up is still a problem for me. I have extremely limited activation through the lower back, as a result my block set up either leaves me with a curved back or a straight back but with hips too low to come out of set effectvily, eg. stumble + pop up

Question : should ‘triple-extension’ occur through the trial leg when exiting the blocks?