Block settings

Wheres this audio track RB…I’m interested in listening to it…

In the Fundamentals Download, Charlie mentions that the front block needs to be one notch lower than the back, otherwise the foot angles won’t work at the ankles.

check the ucoach website over on the uka website there a download interview with seagrave, he talks about the start and mechanics in general

Which one is accurate because they are saying completely different things with something so simple.

Don’t they use different techniques, Loren clawing (low heel) and Charlie step down (high heel).

I believe so, is this the reason for the different block pad settings.

I would suggest so, as you would know it all happens so fast out of the blocks and the placement/settings of the footpads will have a large influence on the positioning of the foot on the first couple of strides.

So both of them are right??

Relative to their different techniques guess they are.

Which one do you use with your athletes?

I have the rear block one notch higher than the front, in most cases but sometimes I do change depending on what is happening in the first couple of steps. I find that often not every athlete reacts the same.

What do you use?

What are you looking for in those first couple steps to decide which method you will use with that particular athlete?

What do you use

I have both pads at the same height.

up or down

Photo of a 13yr old boy (U14 on his shirt), now early 20s. both footpads are the same height. I do not put any emphasis on the front arm, it happens when everything else is right

lowest setting.

You would get into the upright position (from the hips down) pretty early, if it works for you there is nothing wrong with that.


Think so…

BTW it is no where near a perfect start, right arm is too far across his body and left knee is pushing towards the centre which will put the foot in a toe in position, not ideal for acceleration.