Block leg angles 90/120-30 degrees

When looking for these angles 90 degrees for front leg and 120-130 degrees for back leg do you take the angle through the middle of the leg? Since everyone has different size muscles I suppose you do. Also if it was taken underneath the leg as opposed to right through the leg it would be very difficult to achieve those angles listed.

The way we do it :slight_smile:

exactly what i was looking for!!! great. What program did you use to do that?

Also, would you be able to poat a pic of shin angles during accel. the same way you posted that?


NEAT - though, to my knowledge, it may be discontinued. We do use Dartfish , however.

Given time.

Damn, I hate those baggy clothes they all wear these days! Can’t tell where the clothes stop and the athlete starts!

I hear you on that one. Thats why when im filming I make sure me and my teamates are wearing racing shorts or spanex. Its like trying to figure out shin angles in baggy pants. Its impossible. But likewise I think the bigger your quads/hams are the more difficult it is to determine leg angles in the blocks without lookin on film.

Certainly not the best example, but shin and extensor angles can be analyzed. Particularly for those interested in this type of review.

We don’t commonly do this for block clearance. However we have done a form of this in order to make corrections for push and acceleration phases for some of our developing athletes.