Blake beats Gatlin in Rovereto

Wind: +0.9

1 Yohan BLAKE 10.06
2. Justin GATLIN 10.09
3. Emanuele DI GREGORIO 10.28
4. Marvin ANDERSON 10.48
5. Ryan MOSELEY 10.63 NP.

Here’s the article:

Here’s the vid:

Wow. J-GAT is coming along nicely… Let’s see how his body holds up. If anyone has and inside scoop on this training post up :slight_smile:

On the first false start gatlin looked like he was going to dominate, I think those two false starts really threw him off.
I agree he’s looking much better each race. It’ll probably take another year or two on the circuit before he starts showing his true ability again.
Blake seems hurt badly at the end:(

Nice work J-Gat!!!

J-Gat is indeed coming along nicely RB34, his best time so far, always liked him, hope he continues to improve and makes US team next summer.:slight_smile:

Blake was ready to drop something in the 9.8s there… see him pull his HS at about 50m - muscling too much from the start after Gatlin got out.

JG got a good start there… when he finishes he’ll be under 9.90.

Gatlin is rolling!! Glad this cat is back in the mix again…gives another angle to the whole thing. Can’t just have Bolt vs Gay with a sprinkle of Asafa when he’s interested.

I doubt Gatlin will be invited to many meets on the circuit, fast times or not.