Blake 9.69 Lausanne

Blake 9.69 Lausanne :eek: and the first time i seen tyson gay give up…i want him to beat bolt one day!!!

Great race! Blake is making a habit of upstaging Bolt in the late, late season races. I’ve seen Tyson give up many times in races; almost always against Bolt, but I think he’s starting to get the picture that he will never be able to run down Blake as well.

And hopefully Blake is providing the motivation needed to keep Bolt focused and training hard!

better quality


bolts turn


bolts reaction to yohan giving Gay the Bizness


jeter vs pryce


Any one know how tall blake is??? he reminds me off mo greene but with more SE

Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 76 kg (168 lb)

google ya know…

He’s thicker than that now most likely. Those weights are never accurate. Look at Ryan Bailey, one weight shows 180 something and the other 217 lbs.

Yeh I know there’s stats all over the web for athletes which are different for the sane athlete Google u Know!!!3

First google usually gives you the most visited and quite often official stats at first, If you ask for something then at least show some respect.

Second, of course he seems a little heavier now, but It still can be tricky, one of my partner in university was always estimated to be around 185 and he was only 160. I was estimated around 185-190 when I was 210, who knows…

Ben Johnson seems a lot heavier than 178 too, in bodybuilding forums, he was often estimated at around 210.

well adonail your comment “google you know…” came off as rude IMO. So if your gonna give expect to get it in return.

The less body fat and more muscle the bigger you will appear. When I was 160 I was always asked if I was 185-190. At 165 I was asked if I played in the nfl.

I love how happy he looked.

Respect works both ways thank u chris!!!..anyways. i know what u mean about less body makein look bigger i get the same thing in the gym… guess the way to find out is to ask him.ato was saying some about hes runing fast now cause he has leaned out,lost bulk he had at the start off the season.