Black Star Labs: The review

I got the test results from Black Star Labs a month ago and found that their blends are worth the time and effort to get made. Everything tested clean and Mitochondria’s effort showed that their purity was great. No bullcrap.

Over this summer I will be using their products exclusively and see what monsters I can build. Some new labrats (college mostly) will be trained along with a few HS athletes.

The guys over at are great and know about high end training. After weeks of Zen mind focus I feel that they are the top and I will plan to add their link again (website horrors)

My suggestion for those that are serious start thinking about building customized formulas through them.

I second that statement. BSL owners and staff are extremely aware of their clients endeavors (bodybuilding, PL, athletic, etc), and cater to everyone the way one would want to be catered to. 5 out of 5 stars :slight_smile:

As many of you know I am working on a Regeneration Lab line of formulas…should be the real deal and I am most likely having them part of my program.

we all would be very interested to hear about the specific formulas you have been using from black star labs, and the results.
also this is the first place that has had HMB at a price i can afford…

They make andros no???

contamination is NOT a problem…give them a call and trust that mitochondria’s tests were sufficient.

I was also told that the andros were made at a different facility. I knew contamination wasn’t a problem, I just wanted to hear you say it first. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry…By the way the tone was not anger (it’s hard to post and talk on the phone with consults.)

Well off to the Danger room. Track is over but the beast building has begun…The Anabolic Indicator will be finished soon (we are going to the chem lab for more blood tests to polish off the TRI-section) three modules in one!