Black Mamba

According to multiple sources, including ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash Sunday morning.

Nine people died in the helicopter crash.

Accidents and unexpected tragedies are terrible.

Death is terrible for the living to deal with.

I now find funerals comforting. Strange right?

I felt comforted by Charlie’s funeral despite how desperate North Americans in general seem to not handle death.

Why don’t we pick in advance life?

Charlie lived out his dreams. He did not wait to live out his dreams.

Kobe got more than countless people will ever get in one lifetime especially all the children who die needlessly every day from drunk drivers or abuse or countless other senseless situations.

Charlie started this website and devoted countless hours and he loved every second of it.

Pick what you are able to pick to enjoy your life. Love your friends and partners and children and if you hate your work, change it and if you need help try to ask and don’t be surprised who might help you.

Best comment I heard was from the priest at Al Vermeil’s son’s funeral. " What do you believe?". Charlie and I went to Lance’s wedding and when Charlie started chemo we drove from Toronto to Chicago for the funeral. Al and his wife did an incredible job taking care of the business of their son’s passing. Al picked what he could in the face of a horrible premature death of his only son.

I am sure we all saddened by this horrible tragedy that took the lives of 9 people.

The journey to heal will be one of discovery we can pray for.

Bless all those who died and their loved ones.

I smell law suits!!!


Gosh forbid it was time for me to relocate, the LAST thing I wish for my loved ones is LAW suits or anything more terrible

It might take a decade just to deal with one trauma. Might take more. Time may not help anyone. The lucky people recover if they are provided the time and chance.

What if their has been multiple trauma?