Is Biotest available in Australia???

Let me go out on a limb here…

Don’t get sucked in to T-mag’s marketing. Save your money. My own and my lifter’s experience with their products is not a positive one.

ZMA and Low Carb Grow are great products…the rest is just hype.

What about Surge…? Same shit, new wrapping?


I like Surge, alot.

Surge is fine…just that it’s post recovery…I do find it to be a good product.

I dont’ use surge for one simple reason -

If you read JB’s articles he basically oultines the best PWO nutrition to be 2:1 C:P and the C ratio should be 1:1 Glucose:Maltodextrin.

Sure there are other ingrediants, but essentially that’s it.

I’m sorry but why pay a fortune for that?

Low carb grow? - Is that not simply Whey Protein with no carbs?

I’m not knocking Biotest - I love and use PowerDrive and ZMA.

I just can’t afford all the most expensive supplements and I have to find the cheaper simpler options.

When you buy fish oil, flax oil, creatine, msm, cla, ala, multivits, CoenzQ10, Glucosaimne, Chontroiton, protein, glucose, maltodextrin, ZMA, tuna, PowerDrive, Vit. C, L-carintine, Glutaimine, Vit. E, chicken etc. you don’t have much left to splash on brand names.

I like PowerDrive…

ISS research and Low Carb grow are not just Whey protein…and what about testing? I know one athlete used a product that was cheap and he lost 5 games of money in the NFL…I can’t affort to test products that are 5 dollars cheaper. Low carb grow is 29.00 USD for a month supply. What the hell?

I bought some calcium cassenate and whey protein isolate unaltered from the manufacturer of the stuff for $20 or so AUD ($10US) and made my own, got a kilo of each for half the price of the biotest stuff and made up my own stuff.

No fancy flavours but it more then does the job…and who needs more artificial colours and flavours in their diet anyway?

i too like powerdrive. one product that cost too much and too hard to piece together seperate ingrediants to equal…

Who here has had third party companies test your stuff? Protein Factory is bogus now! Dangerous times…

Lets be realistic, the only way to ensure you are confident in your source is to have each container you use tested, that would nearly ensure 100% confidence (much like they did in the old days when someone else would test the soup of the king for poison).

I doubt anyone here does that, and testing one batch is pretty meaningless if you take the excuse that has been used by companies that certain batches have proved to be contaminated.

I will stick with my supplier thanks :slight_smile:

Great Idea…sounds like a great plan for pros! If it is one bad batch then keep trying!

companies have product liability insurance, get a written note from the director that their stuff is good and sue if you get done for something that came from their products.

North America? Not so…the land down under sounds great but I don’t live in Sydney. The FDA could care less about protein supplements.

What’s up with Protein Factory? I haven’t had any problems with their products, but I usually stick to simple things like plain old milk protein isolate, rather than the fancy stuff.

Does anyone have experience with other custom protein mixers similar to Protein Factory?

Regarding Surge, I like it but there’s nothing magical about it.

Ive been using proteinfactory as well, whats the deal?

I did some poking around and it seems there’s been some problem with the custom mixing. It might be a safer bet to just buy the plain ingrediaents and then mix and flavor them yourself.

I’m also looking into the manufacturers that PF buys its ingredients from to see if they sell directly to consumers. I assume they would, but probably in bulk.

Well I just got some Prolab Pure Whey. Tastes great and hopefully it will help.