Biotest Surge

Anyone tried this product? I am lookin into a good PW shake and this seems to be the best one, especially afforadability-wsie ($21.00 over at for 10 servings. Considering during the off-season, I will be hitting the weights M,W,F(geared towards total-body workouts) and speed training on T/Th, I would use it 3x a week after weight room sessions… What would be best to use after a running/speed training session; isn’t it true that you should use a different type of formula after track sessions (BCAA’s during? what about afterwards?) Correct me if I’m wrong here… Any advice, well appreciated.

different formula for the weights and sprints…you need more than surge to handle eccentric stress of sprints THEN lifting every day in a row. No matter how great the supps are you must have a great program.

Could you give me some suggestions on that?

Any thoughts? Clemson?

Do ur weights after ur speed work - hi CNS work 5 days a week is not a good idea - run & lift m/w/f & use t/th for recovery work

I probably should’ve rephrased my question… I’ll try a little better…

Well, the skill position players at my JC will be lifting M,W,F during the off-season(each day is total body, but each day the intensity differs… i.e. Monday- Heavy, Wednesday -Light, Friday-Medium)… Tuesday and Thursday are non-lifting days, but I’m not sure as to what goes on as far as the workouts go for those two days…(I know they run, do med. ball work, jump rope, stadium stairs, sprints, intervals…etc… of course not all in the same day, but I’m not exactly sure as what the schedule will be for this coming off-season, since I am brand new to the program).

I am worried about overtraining, or taxing the CNS too much… As soon as I get a program, lifting wise, I will post it and hopefully anyone can help me with some modifications…

As far as the supps question goes, what would you all recommend for during and post? BCAA’s during? Anyone know/tried some good products out there worth recommending? I think I am going to get surge for post workout on weight training days, but what about a formula for after the non-lifting days? Any thoughts? Creatine?

pre- Phoenix

During - BOSS

Post - Cytofuse

Post Post -Myomax

Sleep - Dream Pure…

yes yes clem, but when can we get this stuff. I have been waiting with anticipation!!! Now that i have this bum ankle, it’s no running and all heavy lifting for me, even my pretty boy bench press is starting to shoot up!!!

How long would these products last, and whats the cost? Where/when will they be available? Thanks clemson…

I’m worried that some of us younger athletes will have problems supplementing with these products in any reasonable amounts because of cost issues. It seems like protein, vitamins (multi vitamins, extra vit C, and zinc for sleep) and BCAA’s would be a much easier to do then buying a great line of products with probably a hefty price tag (for the amounts needed, at least).

yeah I agree with you… I am only 18, but I’m looking for the most cost-friendly, while being effective as well… As long as I have what is necessary… post-workout, during are prob. most important…

I’d recommend you get a solid eating plan down first, and instead of Surge I would recomemnd you buying your own products and making your own post workout shake that way your money will spread farther, because Surge just doesnt give enough serving for what your paying for in my opinion. Surge basicly has, protein, some carbs(malto and dextrose) and it has some L-Tyrosine and DMAE.

I looked at Myomax today… looks very similar to surge, possibly better? I have a solid eating program down, just am very interested in recovery and my post-workout nutrition…

Since you say you have your eating down, then make your own PWO shakes and use the extra money to save for when you really need it.

the most cost-friendly approach is to save high sugar post workout drinks for times of exceptional stress.

Surge did absolutley nothing for me.

and for other times, Charlie? BCAAs and protein drink followed by P+C meal 1 hour later???

Sorry if flogging a dead horse. :wink:

But it is all part of the larger metabolic system and post workout nutrition is only one link of the chain. Many athletes have an extremely difficult time comsuming the required calories for maintenance and repair let alone improvements. During intense training post workout drinks are extremely beneficial as well if you are training twice per day. For those looking to increae weight post training, even if only moderate training, is a great time to chug down additional calories.

But no matter what your training, PRE-TRAINING nutrition is supreme for improving metabolic capabilities.

If you supplement with extra calories but have an extremely limited supply of protective nutrients, such as antioxidants, the system practically is kept at a stand still. The fact is much of our food quality is going down hill. Quality farm fields are getting more rare as they are continually overfarmed and become depleted. Some recent reports of commercial fruit and vegetable products show a decline in vitamin and antioxidant content. Genetically modified food may be the answer to the problem, or a well placed supplement, as we know the farming isn’t going to stop.