Biotest Hot Rox

Hi Guys,

I’m new to these forums and I have a general question about Biotest’s Hot-Rox…Has anyone tried, or heard of anyone using this stuff? Wondering what kind of results have been reported. Any thoughts on this supplement as a potential pre-workout stimulant? And can anyone confirm that the ingredients in Hot-Rox are in fact legal ?

Thanks guys, looking forward to your responses.

I have some samples of it but haven’t tried it…sorry.

One thing I’d like to say is that, to me, its competition legal status is highly questionable. I’m not a fan of supplements with “proprietary blends” of “what the heck is that” ingredients. Another thing is that it has caffeine, but how much caffeine does it have? If that’s the only ingredient in question (which I doubt it is), then how many Hot Rox will put you over the legal limit for caffeine?

I don’t think there is a legal limit anymore, I thought that was dropped a few years ago.

I tried it. Worthless. Spend your money on protein and fish oil.

I don’t think it’s really designed as a pre-workout supp. Power Drive is probably better for that. However, be careful about using pre-workout stimulants because they can lead to overtraining by allowing you to train hard than you normally would. While that sounds great, after doing that consistently over several workouts, you’ll probably push yourself into an overtrained state.

Flash was it a good fat burner at all? Thanks man!

That is correct which is why the fuss over Aussie marathon Scott Westcott’s comments that he would probably take a couple of No-Doz tablets is crap.

Runner to take caffeine
By Steve Larkin
March 16, 2006

AUSTRALIA marathon runner Scott Westcott has been castigated by a team boss for saying he’ll take a caffeine tablet before running.

Syringes: Drugs link unfair, chief says
Video: The Opening Ceremony

Westcott said today that he would probably take a caffeine tablet before contesting the marathon at the Commonwealth Games.

The New South Welshman, 30, competing at his first Games, attended a media conference today with teammates Andrew Letherby and Shane Nankervis.

Asked what he would eat before Sunday’s marathon, Westcott replied: “A couple of bits of toast in the morning and a coffee or two, maybe a No-Doz tablet – I probably shouldn’t be saying that.”

At that point, Australia team chef de mission John Devitt interjected and said: “No, you shouldn’t.”

A No-Doz tablet contains 200mg of caffeine, roughly the equivalent of two brewed cups of coffee.

The World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) has removed caffeine from its banned substances list but the use of No-Doz tablets by athletes remains a sensitive issue.

Last year, Australia rugby captain George Gregan said he and some teammates took No-Doz before games, adding that the Australian Institute of Sport had told the players the tablets could improve performance by up to 7 per cent.

Gregan’s comments triggered a flurry of similar admissions of caffeine tablet use by elite players in Australian football and rugby league.

Before WADA withdrew caffeine from its banned substances list, Australia pentathlete Alex Watson was expelled from the 1988 Seoul Olympics for having excess levels of caffeine in his blood.

I see he finished 4th.

It wasn’t for me.

WADA has no limit anymore but the NCAA still has limits if I’m not mistaken.

Translation: I’m pimping for Hot-Rox and have just found another forum to spam.

The only 2 Boitest supps I use are Powerdrive and Low Carb Grow.

I thnk they really hit the target with these two.

Surge is probably a very good bet, and when I used it before I liked it, but it is cost prohibitive for shipping to Europe - in fact I think it still might be a little over priced.

The other supps - HotRox, etc. (I’m not sure I can name them here as I’m not sure if they have banned ingredients) - don’t seem to have really been successful at all.

I do like Power Drive though.

Same with me. Power drive and grow had worked well for me. Surge is good, but i would get together with a friend to buy in bulk to save on shipping.

Has anyone tried their EFA product? I am currently trading off between using Udo’s and Sears’ labs, and i might add their to the mix…

Give the guy a break. If this were a real forum astroturfer, there would be ton’s of positive responses made by sleeper accounts by now. There was an expose’ on penny-arcade a few weeks ago (i posted a link to it in off-topic then if you want to read it). Most forum turfing is a bit more elaborately planned…

I use max-strength hot-rox. I think it works fantastic as a fat-burner and doesn’t make me feel all jittery and crazy. If you’re used to other more serious stimulant stacks (ECA, etc.), then it really has almost no effect as an enhancer. It does help me lean out effectively, but I normally carry 8-10% body-fat in training, and bring it down to 4-6% for competitions so it’s more of a fine-tuning thing for me than a real fat-burning. Just my 2 cents.

I might try it, though I haven’t worked out the cost-benefit etc.

Generic fish oil is very cheap …

I haven’t seen many (neutral) positive posts on Hot Rox to be fair.

I did try a sample, but I couldn’t tell much from it.

It is, but i am worried about contaminents. I am willing to spend a bit more, if there are some solid assurances of no mercury lead etc.

True - but there are still reputable companies out there who can do cheap FO’s

I had a week’s worth of a free sample. and boy did it ever hit me. I took it for a week after the season just to test it out. and WOW did it ever hit me. I was at working sweating bullets it looked like I had a shower! I was pretty much to stimed up I even got a bitt jittery. Granted I have a very high sensetivity to anything thats got a stimulate in it. I get jackedup off of a simple caffine pill!!