biomechanics paper on the Squat......

Fellow Scholars, I am doing a biomechanics paper on the squat (bar postion and Stance) I was wondering if anyone has any good recomendations for articles that show which method is best for powerlifting…any help would be greatly apreciated, I need a bunch of sources so the more the better, I fear if I rely only on my self I will be digging ditches after I gradute, I’m an idiot, but as Judge Smails says in Caddyshack " the world needs ditch diggers too!!" :smiley:

If you are looking for specifically powerlifting then i would start with Westside Barbell and their inventory of articles. Also, a friend of mine, Mark Mancino wrote an article specifically about squat technique that is posted on a good article and ought to help you out with what you are doing.

Powerlifting - westside style.

google it for more.

good stuff so far thanks guys!!! I appreciate it much!

still writing the paper or are you done? I’d love to read it

Big Pump I have finished the paper, I am not a very good writer and I think I added too much opinion into the paper, quikazhell took a look at it and I think he was being kind when he told me it was good. I will be glad to send it, I compared low bar wide stance squatting to high bar close stance squatting, the purpose was to determine which method was best when trying to lift your 1rep max sqaut by powerlifting rules ( ie to parallel and up)! Also it has a lot of westside stuff in it, 14 pages long :confused: what a mess!

send it,