big versus small men

Suppose you were recruiting high schoolers…say age 18…you’ve got the choice of coaching one of two kids…both run 6.2 60 yard dashes (55 meters). Both are 6 feet tall. One is 200 pounds. the other is 150 pounds. All else is equal, relatively speaking. Whom would you like to choose to coach; or, who would have a better chance of becoming an elite sprinter?

Why not train both and find out?

Pick the 150# guy…you are going to lose the 200# guy to football (at least in the US :slight_smile:


Agree- train both and find out! You need to have a large group and alot of time to locate the real talent!

OY VAY! I can either have my cake OR eat it. Not Both!
I am RECRUITING. I only get one. Our rival school gets the other. Whom would you choose?

if you are coaching a college team i would choose the 150lb runner. with speed like that, could be thrown in mile relays. i ran the 55-400 meters and a college team needs versitile runners. just my two cents.

id look seriously into work ethic. see who is the first to come and the last to leave, the kid with the key to the gym and the lunch bucket mindset, thats my kid.

If you can´t have both, but you have the kid for 4 years, physical maturity is one of many things to look at (I like nightmare´s idea). The 150 lb kid MAY have more potential - good speed and only 150 lbs. What can you do with a good strength program and natural growth?

I would put thier physical size on the backburner right now and talk to the coaches. See what the coaches have to say about them. Atittude, desire, does one love to run and is fueled by competition, while the other just runs as a way to get to college? What about work ethic in the weight room and with school work? They both might have a 2.5 GPAs, but is one working hard to get a 2.5 while the other could be making 3.5 but slacks off?

I would probably pick who I think is going to be the hardest worker.

Okay, I think I did not ask this correctly…uh, mm there sems to be a slight prejudice against large men/sprinters…why? I know that it is harder to move that mass, but you need some engine to move the chassis…I know that there is a big grey area where this is concerned…Let’s try this…say you had a 6 footer who was 110 pounds (same speed, etc…would you try to bulk him up?) as far as looking at work ethic, school work, coaches, etc. they are all equal in this purely HYPOTHETICAL situation…the only differences between the , now, 3 sprinters is weight…one is 110, one is 150, and one is 200 pounds. Which one would you like to have on your track team for the next 4 years?

Again, I’d go for the 150 pound guy. you first mentioned they’d be about 18 years old. If you have an 18 year old 200 pounder then he’s going to be 215 pounds buy the time he’s 23 and squatting/benching his arse off. Those football scouts are going to try and steel him as previously mentioned.

if you had to decide between a taller athlete (6’4) or a shorter athlete (5’7) who have the same 100m time under 11 seconds, who would you pick?

I guess the taller athlete could compete in long jump and other events…

any thoughts…(i am a taller athlete [above 6 feet] so i would like any opinions)


Bohersh your trying to get a simpy answer and everyone is overcomplicating this question. I understand though. I would say look at their training of course but by just looking at size, I would say you have a better chance of getting a good strenght to weight ratio in the smaller guy. Im just guessing of course. How many world class sprinters are over 200pnds. See its just a simple answer here. Go with the 150pnd guy. lol. Goodluck.

T Lane, thanks for the short answer…could be I’m just particularly stupid recently, though. Probably just a dumb question that I asked.

Which guy ?
The guy with the most hunger …
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight - etc. etc.