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I remember Charlie talking about the importance of cocking the big toe up and I found a article where Maurice is saying the same thing. Maybe Charlie does know what he is talking about.

Be the fastest man on the planet by Maurice Green, competitor in the Norwich Union Grand Prix

Sunday July 7, 2002
The Observer

'I never get nervous before a race because I start getting into my mode the night before. The only time I’m ever jittery is right before the start - a few butterflies maybe - but I wouldn’t call it nervousness, more of a nervous energy. That can be bad for some people and stop them performing but for me it’s a good thing.

Once the running starts, technique takes over. To go through it all here would take days but it’s a culmination of lots of small things. It’s about how your foot hits the ground, how your foot is positioned - your big toe has to be pointing up not down - you can’t drop your toe. Your arms have to pump from the right position yet your hands have to be relaxed. Your body has to be positioned with your torso upright - you can’t be too far over yourself or too far back - or you won’t be balanced. Your head has to be still for the same reason. Some athletes don’t breathe during the entire race but I do, although I couldn’t tell you how many times or where, it’s just what I’m comfortable with.

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5/26/2002 : 5:52:04 PM

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Re Prep For Ground Contact
The foot must be pre-tensed. This is accomplished by cocking the big toe up and pointing the ball of the foot towards the ground. This action will activate the dorsiflectors but I’m not suggesting pulling the whole foot up! There is also some confusion about when to prepare the foot for ground contact. One “Guru” has even suggested leaving the foot pre-tensed at all times! Of course, this would have the unfortunate effect of eliminating the final extention around the ankle at take off. The best time for foot preparation is just as the foot is passing over the support knee.
Re Negative Foot Speed
This is the by-product of proper mechanics and hip height- not a deliberate emphasis on pulling the foot back. I have attempted to describe the sensation of proper mechanics in Speed Trap. The action is well described by Flash.

i tried looking for Flash’s description but to no avail. Can anyone give me the link if you can find it? thnx in advance

Vito. Have you got speed trap? It’s the best explanation of the experience I could come up with.

Originally posted by Vito
i tried looking for Flash’s description but to no avail. Can anyone give me the link if you can find it? thnx in advance

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I’m interested in ground contact as well. Do you think the mechanics of driving the leg backward in preparation for ground contact should be specifically trained at all? It seems to me that general/postural strength and flexibility are more important, as they help ensure that the hips are high and loose, allowing the drive leg to sweep back naturally at full extension.

With adequate hip-height (a function of posture and strength) you just step down and the rest is automatic.

Or better yet, maybe Charlie does know what he is talking about.

Did anyone read my post on the big toe? I thought it bridged the gap between agressive science and the real world…I guess I wasted my time.

Post it here.

Any word on the big toe thread - I haven’t found it .
Incidently - can u practice cocking ur toe at lower speeds in tempo / drills - I may well be doing it naturally but can’t tell

try doing some tempo or speed work barefoot on grass and video record it

TY Vito - I’ll wait til I get my cam