Big Ole Facts


I’ll take a listen to it. I do like track talk.

The Italian with his over speed work. Next? Shit works!!

Where did you hear that at?? Did you see his coach IG page?

I’ll take a look at his Coach’s IG page.
He did his share of wind reduction sprints.

Who is his coach? I saw the vid of him running behind a cart

Mr. Peak when it counts takes the 200

He bought me home $1500…

Well done. I have a few parlays still out. I need Ryan Crouser to win. I built several around him. If he takes 2nd or 3rd, I may be gone for awhile lol.

My bookie haven’t updated the lines - im not passing this up!!!

Kirani James +1650 Risk $500.00 To Win $8250.00

Dang. Good catch.

I have Gardiner at +340 ish parlayed with another event that one already.

I got like 800 I think when elaine won the 200 last Olympics. The betting people don’t know shit about track

I think he got it

Let’s meet this guy! He is too funny and annoying at the same time…reminds me of ME LOL

Balance, you want to bring up the topic of over speed work? Lots of stuff might work as a one off right? Let’s all run down the hill as fast as possible and see how it goes… YES , maybe not.

FACTS. big ole facts regarding telling me the truth about the track bits I have been missing for Too long.

we train to beat each other up instead of training for championships. He’s right.
you get injured and ARE not there.

If def has to be earned and NO, it is not a wreckless run down the hill as fast as possible.
It has to be the slightest of angles and those are rare to find. I just happened to have one next to the house that I used bc all the tracks were shut down in 2020. I used what I had avail. to me. Just like CF having his athletes throwing bricks or heavy cement blocks overhead at one point.

Over the course of 6 weeks I did the work and there is no denying that it worked. To have to rely on it bc the training was all wrong and someone has to risk it…is not going to last long.

I’ve been gone a few months. New site Huh?
i’ll check in later tonight or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well. My woman is battling very serious health issues and is appearing to turn the corner on it. Strongest person I know.

Man, that was some WC Meet. Lots of great performances.