Big Cam

Real deal…

Are they using the little kiddie cards for him like they used at the Barn?

Wouldn’t surprise me if he ends being as good as Culpepper or McNabb.

Was at the game to see one of my former players, dude is str beast.

Is he still trying to/able to run people over?

He didn’t run at all, I wanted him to. Dude had 1400yds and 20 rushing td’s - that was new to me.

He would probably run over 99% of the db’s and outrun all of the lbs.

He is the most dominant player I have ever seen in person at a college game. I saw Bo but don’t remember much, few years old.

He out ran, ran over and threw all over everyone. Bama, Miss State and Oregon only teams that “contained” him at all.

If he tries that stuff in the NFL, he’ll be out with a concussion or something before he know the names of all of his teammates. Leave the running to the running backs.

Yes, of course we know he would get trucked and injured trying that in the NFL. Remember he did most of his damage against the SEC, which is loaded with NFL players, not the Pac10.

I saw him get stood up by Kelvin Shepherd, the entire Bama front seven, and Chris White from Miss State. He walked all over arky, uga and pretty much everyone else.

I am reasonably sure that you will see a 50+yard highlight run for TD from him this year.

Are you sure bama shut him down???

They shut him down as far as him running. He got hammered and was confused big time until…Barron tears his pec on a deep ball while he was going for the ball. And young db’s thinks it’s over and give up A LOT of big passes.

I watched the debacle in person. It will forever be etched in my mind. Mark Ingram fumbles on the 20 (he fumbles what 1x every 300 carries) and it skeets straight down the sideline for a touch back for the barn. I vomited in my Makers Mark. A sad day in God’s Country.

The NFL is a LOT more physical and violent than 'Bama or UO. His coaches will be really dumb if they let him run around like that.

Are you JC Cooper from ET forum, are you Race Radio…

We know that if you play QB, and if you play QB in the NFL, and if you play QB in the NFL and you run around you will get trucked.

I am not talking about called runs, I am talking runs ala Michael Vick, Steve Young, Randall Cunningham. The play breaks down type…this does happen.

Who said Cam couldn’t run in the NFL - just ran over a safety.

My buddy who trains Mark flipped his lid! Your right, Mark never fumbles, NEVER!

Besides him playing running back cammy looked horrible. Couldn’t hit a bear in the ass with a bass fiddle.