Bicep tendonitis

I was wondering what the proper treatment for Bicep tendonitis is. One of the pitchers on my team has had it since January and I feel that our training staff is treating him improperly since he hasn’t got any better over the last 2 months. Any recommendations with proper exercises, recovery methods, and supplements would be appreciated.

Stop doing bicep curls, and get some ART treatment.

thats not always the reason (curls). i would ice ice ice and take some anti flammatory. i would stop all upper body work for a 1-2 weeks then slowly intro.

there has been some intersting work on eccentrics helping to fix tendinitis although it’s mainly focused on the achilles tendon and knees.

there was an article on t-nation about it last year I think. probably worth digging up

a couple of people on my forum mentioned eccentric curls helping with biceps tendinitis so that might be a consideration after your guy has gone through the rest + ice segment

Scar tissue accumlates and does not disappear, regarless if you take time off, the problem still remains until it is corrected. That is where the ART comes in.