Beta Alanine

T-mag/biotest are making a big thing of their beta alanine supplement in helping to buffer lactic acid within the muscle cell ie. before it is released into the blood. Anyone going to try beta alanine or has anyone tried it?

I have tried it. I didn’t really notice much. Unfortunately I haven’t done any intense lactate runs while taking it. It doesn’t taste bad though so don’t worry. You can get beta alanine from bulknutrition pretty cheap.

Remember, T-Nation also says that PowerDrive facilitates neural recovery :rolleyes:

I’ve used creatine and ba together with 400m runers and it seems to be better than creatine alone. As for studies it has potential but nothing conclusive!

this the same as H blocker right? i not tried the stuff yet but its based on the cobversion to L carnosine, think there was talk about it a while back not sure

How do you use this? Only before hard, lactic sessions or every day? Before competition - after warm up, 30’ before race? Afterwards?

Thanks for the info!

I did a annotated bibliography on beta-alanine supplementation for a sports nutrition class I had last semester and even though they don’t have many studies done one it, the ones done so far seemed pretty promising and one study used creatine also. ill try to find it again?

We just used EAS Phosphogen Elite 5g a day split before and after sessions rather than our normal creatine (only for 400m runners). They reported better results using it than before. I know kerron clement was using creatine and simostan a year or two back. i see no reason why you wouldn’t try and use beta alanine because the additional cost is neglegable and it may help. i’d probably try supplementing separately with BA also on especially hard lactic sessions and see what you think.

can you get BA by itself cos every where i look they sell it ready in some concoction and costs a bloody fortune.

taking into account the buffering ability
creatine, beta A and gakic be a good race day stack for 400m

Beta-7 from Biotest is a stand alone beta alanine supplement in a timed release delivery system. I take two caps, 2000mg, 3 times a day, I think it is one of the best supplements I take. You won’t notice some immediate affect, but about two weeks into using it you realize it takes a lot more work to wear you out. It is also supposed to have several health benefits.

I agree. For the volleyball players I train, and for some basketball players I know I’m interested to see the results with lean-mass and hard training (multiple training sessions/week, >6). I’m going to add it into my supplement plan next week and see how it goes. I’m currently training for olympic weightlifting, training HIIT, and moderate/low-intensity cardio for recovery (which brings my training sessions/week right now to around 8). I’m anxious to see how BETA7 and creatine are going to work for me, and for others here shortly.

I have got my wife, a nationally ranked track cycling sprinter using the Phosphagen Elite brand. 2 weeks into the intial loading of it, she is definitely seeing some benefit. Just cruised a PB on a standing 250m sprint. The research is looking good on this. Can’t wait to see the results in a few more weeks!!

Does Phosphagen Elite have beta-alanine? I thought it was creatine with carbs or something to that effect? Congratulations on her performance, anyhow.

Yes…it doesn’t seem very cost-effective. Is phosphagen beta-alanine somehow “better” than bulknutrition’s? Or is it like paying .75 for a Coke when I can get a generic Cola for .25?

Phosphagen Elite has beta alanine, creatine, + carbs. It isn’t cheap. I paid NZD$90 for 10 weeks supply. I’m sure there are cheaper products available, but we are on a tight time frame going into the NZ National Track Cycling Champs. And the dosages on this are already set at the same dosages used in the latest research in this area. Makes it nice & easy.

I agree with your thinking. I order from biotest because I love consistency with a company (even if that means paying a bit more). I don’t like having to recommend ten different companies for ten different products. BETA7, Surge, Power Drive, ZMA from Biotest will be fine by me. I also order from blackstar labs on occasion.

There have been several good papers released on BA of late.

Ill post the combined BA-Creatine abstract when more details are released but things are looking promising…

here’s a couple


this is the take home message

carnosine loading slightly but significantly attenuated fatigue in repeated bouts of exhaustive dynamic contractions

and here
where its concluded

The increases in VT, TTE and TWD appear to be due to the increase in buffering capacity in muscle resulting from the increase in Carn.

so it seems 5g is a good dose. I’m gonna hit 5g creating and BA cocktails in the new year.

We are seeing very good results on the creatine-alanine loading combination. One of my coaching collegues who is a sport scientist just completed a clinical trial on a elite 400m hurdler and the results look very promosing. They loaded the creatine for 5 days and then 37g a day and took 10g alanine per day. The cycle lasted 8 weeks before our main competition season. The results both in the lab testing and actual times run look very good. He is extending the study further to include more test subjects and some elite juniors. The main thing you could see was times dropping, the athlete being strong in the last 50m and body fat dropping a hell of a lot. I have not seen the final test results from the lab where they did various lactate tolerance testing on a sprint treadmill but it should be interesting.

37g a day of creatine???

I think thats what he said. I asked about water retention, and it was no problem. That high volume also got me wondering. I see the athlete everyday and he certainly does not look like he is holding back water, he lost a hell of a lot of body fat.

37g a day sounds a lot, that is like a weekly doesage in one day on a standard protocol, did he suffer from cramps at all? In terms of the body fat reduction was that put down to the supplementation of beta alanine combined with the creatine, or was his diet altered??