Bet you've never seen this before

Today was crazy for me. I was at an indoor meet, and in my 55m, sparks flew-literally. I was slowing down after the race and they have mats all over the walls to run into, but the door that my lane’s matt was on happened to be open. I ran into the storage room it lead to, which had concrete floor. I tried to stop before hitting a forklift, and skidded on my spikes for almost 10 feet. Everyone watching said sparks flew up about a foot in the air behind my shoes the whole time. The whole arena went silent, and then started laughing and cheering when I came out and took a bow, only a slightly sprained wrist worse for wear. My new nickname, obviously, is Sparky.

Sounds like a very interesting stunt indeed :clap: . Glad nothing happened though. Hopefully your spikes are supercharged now :smiley:

I’ve seen it, but congratulations, we’ve always done it on purpose for fun!! Never heard of anyone doing it in a competition!!

that woulda been a good one to have on video!
what was your time?

I have heard stories of kids flying off the bu track though I have been never lucky enough to catch it.


I almost ran off that old BU track 2 years ago. For those of you that do not know it is a 200 meter 4 lane banked track stepper than the armory virginia tech and any other banked track i have ever seen. Its so steep that you cant see over the edge on the curve like you can at the armory. On top of that it doesnt have any rails or pads. So anyway in the 200 i was in lane 4 and coming off the first curve onto the back straightaway momentum almost carried me off the side of the track but i manged to do a little tip toe arm swing thing and remained on and won my heat in a 22.67.

lol Misguided, what did you place??

This reminds me of a story of a preliminary round 4 x 200m indoor relay race I ran back in high school. I was circa 15-16 years old, in my 2nd training year. The track was the same as what Quick described with 4 lanes on a banked oval (at York U btw).

Anyway, I was the 2nd leg runner in lane 3 of 4 teams, and what happend was that when I arrived in the exchange zone (in 2nd place at this point) preparing to pass the baton on to my 3rd leg runner, when all of a sudden the runner in lane 4 who arrived at his 3rd leg runner and already passed on the baton before I did, decides to walk towards the inside lanes instead of staying in his lane, and I’m sure you have painted a picture of what happend next…thats right, BAM!!!

I smacked right into this guy full speed, dropped the baton and let me tell you, it hurt (lol). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was told the rule is, that if you drop the baton, the runner who dropped it must be the person to pick the baton up if you plan to continue racing, well, of course I was disoriented and angry at what just happend, so I didn’t pick the baton up and pass it, rather my 3rd runner just picked it up and bolted. Well, we didn’t win (lol, no kidding) but we did at least manage to make up some of the pace and come in 3rd place (2nd last), and they didn’t disqualify us.

Vito, I got 2nd in my heat by a nose, and only got 7th. My time (6.82) was kind of disappointing, but I had a terrible start. The best start of my life got called back on a false start just seconds before that, i think I would have had a 6.7, maybe a high 6.6 if I had that one. My sparks might have trailed even further :wink: Not great, but not terrible for a scrawny sophomore.