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Now, nutrition certainly isn’t my area of expertise. Generally I’m pretty cynical about most supplements having given almost all an objective trial. In my opinion, except for that small percentage of athletes at the limits of their genetic potential, energy would be more efficiently spent improving the design of their training programs. How many times have I had some skinny guy break from his tricep extensions to ask me how much protein he should be eating?? I just do an Arnie and tell them to get on that high Amino acid supplement… Jim Beam!!

But you guys didn’t open this post to read this spiel did you? You want the meat! What’s this wonder supplement??.. Well… Quaker Oats. Yeah that’s right good old porridge! Ever checked the nutritional information on a porridge box? Complex carbs, a fair helping of protein and minerals very similar to ZMA (i.e. zinc, magnesium and B6). Now certainly the high complex carbs means it won’t be the right product for those wanting to reduce body fat but for those wanting to add lbody weight… Those complex carbs are gonna provide a steady prolonged rise in insulin levels. So forget your N-Large & ZMA, join me in the Quaker revival :smiley:

David, nice, and I do like porridge, but high complex carbs and steady insulin releases are not as bad as low complex carbs and large insulin spikes re. body fat; hence porridge is even more wonderful.

David W,

Whilst I would not recommend getting rid of the ZMA, I totally agree Porridge Oats, Oatmeal, Oats - call it what you want. This is a quality carb.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend N-Large or any other similar products to anyone.

Raw meat = creatine. Stop cooking your meat, that’s a cheap way to get supplements.

but honestly I think the best value out there is ZMA, or just magnesium, it allows me to train in the craziest circumstances, like finals week, or other periods of sleep deprivation.

How about 4 ounces cooked beef liver per day as the best value supplement? I’m going to start with this very soon. According to this contains nearly nine times the RDA of vitamin A, 11 and a half times the RDA of b-12, more than 2 times the RDA of copper and 1.2 times the RDA of riboflavin and is high in many other vitamins and minerals including I believe co-enzyme Q10 although this is not listed. It also has 33 grams of protein.

I have to agree with marshall about the ZMA. It really allows for better quality training.

Besides that, i think a good protein powder is a must. I know you can get protein from other, usually cheaper, means but having cooked liver in my track bag can get rancid really fast. :slight_smile:

i eat raw oats all the time, everyday. imho, there is no other carb (or even food for that matter) that compares.
roman soldiers used to carry a small bag of raw grains to snack on during there tremendous marches carrying there gear and whatnot (marching all day, days on end, carrying heavy equipment is great feat of strength and endurance). one of such grains was raw oats. (sorry for the nostalgia!)
we do have the benefit of modern science. i do love zma and protein powder and glutamine, BUT lets not forget the basics cause all this other stuff doesnt help if your foundation of nutrition is not good.
ill get of my soap box now…

Powerdrive / ZMA & surge - when I can afford it - but real food rules the roost - I like to get a good mixture of fruit - strawberries raspberries etc and I’ve been eating a melon a week ( not sure about the GI effects ) for breakfast
Plus those really healthy free range high omega 3 eggs nightmare recommended are excellent just b4 bed -

hmm time for a snack

Eggs - 6 whites a day - no yolks - best value going

What about creatine? Or is it passe?

Pete, I´d be careful about vit A. Your body stores it, and too much is not good. Eskimos would eat a bit of polar bear liver after a kill, but very little - apparently an overdose of vit A can kill you. I don’t know what too much is, but it is fat soluble and the excess will be stored.

Carson, if creatine was banned it would much more highly regarded :wink:

Originally posted by dcw23
Carson, if creatine was banned it would much more highly regarded :wink:

lol too true, it seems to have come down in price considerably over the past few years, it is a great supplement imo especially when dropping body fat, i seem to have held 99% of my muscle after cutting 15lbs of body fat, im now very lean for the new season :slight_smile:

At $15 USD a month the original SNAC ZMA is a real deal.

A liquid mineral suppliment should be #1 on every athletes list . Liquid for absorbtion and minerals to support all body function.

which liquid mineral sup do you use/recommend?

I am a big fan of SeaSilver yet there are many others out there. I don’t have the information in front of me but off the top of my head I know that SeaSilver has 70+ colloidal minerals as well as Pau d’Arco bark extract and aloe vera. Look up SeaSilver on the internet and check it out. I shop at Vitamin Shoppe and they have several brands to choose and if you don’t have one of them in your area, shop on line.

Athlete, here it is.

I firmly believe good health, as well as performance, starts at the mineral level.

Minerals need to be consumed in specific ratios in combination with specific compounds for maximal absorbtion.

A blanket supplement (containing a little of everything but the kitchen sink) will not provide athletes with their specific needs.

good point…if the calcium level is anything higer then 20 percent of the RDA…kiss the the zinc goodbye.

Valid point.

Food for thought: since you cannot control absorbtion, especially with an incapsulated mineral product, you will not know how much you are really getting, anyway. If you rely upon whole food only, you will have no idea how much you are getting, but it will probably ot be enough.

My contention: better to err on too much than not enough as there a plethora of diseases resulting from mineral defiencies and athletes more so due to mineral loss from sweating.

I am not saying that minerals will help you perform better though they might, but they can keep you alive.