Best shoes for training?

What are the best shoes to use for training? I’ve read that using spikes all the time are hard on the body, so what would be best to use? I’ve tried using basketball shoes, but they just slip out at the beginning. BTW, I usually train on a football field which is made of turf with the small rubber pebbles, or I train on a track.

xc spikes or waffles

If you’re training on a soft surface (in comparison to a track) i.e. field turf then perhaps spikes would be ok. As any increased stress by wearing spikes all the time is off-set by training on a softer surface.

Also, remember humans were meant to run with no shoes at all. Many times running with shoes actually increases the force the body has to absorb as opposed to running barefoot. My point being sprint spikes liken to barefoot running more than most other shoes. Personally, I do all of my running in solely sprint spikes and have never had issues.

Yeah, I usually train barefoot, but this time of the year, it’s too cold, and my feet feel like ice when it’s raining. Also, in the summer when its hot, the surface gets crazy hot and it hurts to run on the field. So when the weather is permiting I use barefoot training, but for when its too hot/cold, I’ll need something to use. Thanks for the help.

Get some Vibram FiveFingers.

we’re talking about speed work right? speed in spikes or xc flats and tempo in regular running shoes.

speed in spikes
running shoes for slower than 95% speed runs