Best MRP?

I’m trying to decide on what MRP I want to buy. I’ve already decided on biotest’s surge for post workout. But I’m debating on weather I want to buy Biotest’s Origional Grow or Prolab’s N-large 2. Comparing the two, if I get the 10 pounds of N-large, it’s about 80 cents for 300 calories (2 scoops) and for Biotest it is a dollar twenty for 300 calories (3 scoops).

As far as the supplement facts go, it seems like pro lab has a bunch of sugar in thiers. I’m guessing Biotest is using sucralose. Also, should I worry that biotest has almost twice as much protein? Can your body even absorb 40 grams of it at once?

Nlarge isn’t an mrp product, I don’t know about biotest but if they’re using sucralose i wouldn’t touch it. If you want a good mrp without all the added sweeteners and associated crap in it check your pm I’ll send you a website to go to.