Berlin biomechanics project

Biomechanics Project – Berlin 2009

12 August 2009

Berlin, Germany - The German IAAF Member Federation, DLV, in cooperation with the IAAF will be carrying out a major Biomechanics Project during the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Berlin, Germany (15 – 23 August).

The aim of the project is to continue the international work in the field of biomechanics of the past years, in order to support athletes and coaches in optimization and improvement of their training and competition performance.

The finals of all events will be covered by the project, except combined events.

  • For sprint, hurdles, relays and running events split times will be analysed, and along with the race distributions will be shown in graphics.

  • For Long Jump, Triple Jump and Pole Vault the distribution of run-up speed will be measured and calculated by LAVEG laser equipment.

  • High Jump and all throwing events will have detailed analysis of the techniques (e.g. angles, velocities, time based structure of the movement etc…)

There will be 18 people involved in coordinating the project, specialised for the different events.

Equipment will all be placed outside the infield in the stands and will be composed of digital camcorders, laser speed measurement and computer equipment. The calibration of the cameras will take before and after the competition times.

Thank goodness for Germans. It’s about time a full biomechanical review was done. The last comprehensive one by the IAAF was Athens 1997 WC. There were some numbers from 1999 Seville done by the Spanish federation, but not as comprehensive. Much better than pulling splits off video.

It will also be an opportunity for any of the few split-getters (like PJ), if they want, to see how accurate their methods are.

Split getters will dismiss the project saying their methods are more accurate :cool:

Dr. Evil should be saying, “How hard is it to get frickin’ laser beams on the heads of the officials!???!”