Berardi's 'No NonSense Nutrition DVD', worth the price?

I was looking at picking up the dvd, but was wondering if anyone else here has purchased it, and what they thought about it. Is it well worth the 100 dollar price tag?

Go over to T-mag. They have a new product review forum and this is one the products listed there. There are quite a few detailed reviews that should help you.

Here is the link to the reviews.

I personally haven’t seen the DVD but know someone who has and they think it is very good. :smiley:

I like JB’s general philosophy but think some of his total calorie reccomendations are a bit on the high side (for me and a few others I know anyway). I was intrigued in the post workout thread the comment about him being a low carb advocate as I have never thought of him that way. Also realise that as far as I know his main focus is strength and physique enhancement not sprinters.

My scoop on JB…

Our training group has budgeted 6 consults with him for nutrition (150 usd per call of one hour) and when I conferenced called him he was great. Some good tips on bridging the gaps between theory and reality. I use vertical integration and my nutrition porgam reflects a high low program. The DVD is a great program and I suggest people use it.

I have purchased a consult with Charlie and found it amazing…perhaps the greatest conversation I have ever had on anything…my spine chills.

In general…I think budgeting for consultations and info is smart and if people used money for talking to charlie instead of rims or Kenneth Cole shoes they would move fast.

Clemson, thanks for the post, you made some great points, we really all should make the sacrifices to pick the brains of experts!