Ben's mystery race

Charlie described a race Ben ran which was preceded by an alleged false start. Ben had to subsequently “sit” in the blocks and then explode down the track, slow down, and still win by a large margin. When was this race, where did it take place, is there video available, and did anybody get splits on it? Also, Charlie, did Ben, in your opinion, get near 12.35 mps in this race?

Boy, you think you are fast and then you hear stories like this and you realize that you are really SLOW. I’ll have to get those tapes.

i believe the race you are referring to is included in vol 2 of the seminar tapes. i just watched it the other day, ben ran a 10.3 something. it’s insane to watch though, he shuts it down at about 60m and still destroys the field.

One race described is the semi final in Seoul, where a false start was called- clearly in error. Ben held back clearly on the restart, getting out behind the field, exploded past them, and shut down very early, winning the semi in 10.03- into a 1.3mps headwind. The other description is a 10.36 first round, where he shut down at about 40meters.

Speaking of mystery races, has anyone found a copy of Ben’s 86 Zurich race? Was it perhaps shown on the Modern History show that was discussed in another thread?

Maybe this is the same mystery race where Ben did his 3rm on squats and 3rm sldl. Maybe CP knows!:wink: