Ben's 9,79

Yeah Ben is my idol and I want that race! I see it once on tv and it was amazing!

All these races may be found at the track library at

Justin Gatlin

  2004 Olympic Finals

Maurice Greene

  Maurice Greene WR 9.79? Slow motion in Spanish

  Maurice Greene Home Depot Center 9.86 2004 fire extinguisher stunt

Ben Johnson

  Ben Johnson WR 9.79 88' Olympics

Michael Johnson

  Michael Johnson Atlanta '96 200m WR

  Michael Johnson 400m WR

Florence Griffith Joyner

  Florence Griffith Joyner Seoul 88 Finals 10.54

Carl Lewis

   Carl Lewis 1991 Tokyo

Jesse Owens

* Jesse Owens Intro

Asafa Powell

   Assafa Powell WR 9.77

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