Ben´s Humor Sense

Today, i was watching some 60m races,
and i saw that race ( 60m Final - 1987 World Indoors when Ben flying and won in 6.41s)…
Besides interesting, it´s very funny too
i´m not sure, but i guess that Ben dropped with conciously.
The face that he appear behind the “stopper” is very very funny,
he was a great guy, an actor sometimes.
Does anyone saw that race ?

Might seem funny but it wasn’t on purpose. Don’t forget that, while the athletes were getting faster, the indoor facilities remained the same, so accidents started happening. Ben had several crashes in 1987 and 1988, where the run-out area was way too small for the speed he was going.

I confess that i thought;
it could be a way of protest used by Ben to show to the world that the “Tracks” doesn´t developing like athletes was.
Besides, that specific track doesn´t had a pattern “stopper” like those big mattress.