Ben Johnson Seoul 100n Final SLOW MOTION


thanks for the links you have posted with Ben’s races. While i guess most folks on this board have tapes etc of Ben’s big races. I do not. I remember quite clearing watching the Seoul 100 and how blown away i was with Ben’s performance. After reading Speedtrap for the first time this spring, i really wanted to see Ben’s races on tape, especially the Seoul run. I just figured given the final outcome from those games that it would be something i’d never get to see again.

You really made my day on Tuesday when i found the clips you posted.

Thanks so much,

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I am delighted to be able to share these moments of brilliance (and history) with others who genuinely appreciate them. Its been a pleasure dusting down my old Video Tapes finding some of these fantastic races. I swear the Marita Koch 400 and the Kratochvilova 400 Relay and of course Flo Jo and even Johnson…get my hairs standing on end even all these years later.

thanks…and my pleasure entirely

thank you very much! that is a great addition to the site.
What others vidoes do you have that memebers may be interested in? If you can drop us with a treat here and there im sure you’ll make alot of members happy(ier)!

thanx again… i never got the oppurtunity to view those clips until now.


great clips, keep them coming if you have more. One questions tho, do you have a clip of BJ’s run from the frontal view, actually after watching your slow motion clip at the end it appears that it was going to show a frontal view. Is there any way you can get that posted?? I would greatly appreciate it as I’m sure others here would too.

thnx and again good job

I’d love to see a clip Mike Marsh (my favorite sprinter of all time), '92 Olympic 200m semifinal. 19.73 easing up.

Waffles and Raisins!
Asheville '03

I remember that, I’m sure he was kicking himself after that run!!
I call him Dumbo, cuz he had the same huge ears!! :smiley:


Vito beat me to it.

After being so excited about gettin to see the Seoul and Rome 100’s again (and getting to download them on my computer!!!), i have started to get greedy and was also wondering if you have a clip of Ben running a 100 with the frontal straight down his lane view. The first time i saw Ben run was the Rome finals, and the memory of when they showed him from the frontal view coming out of the blocks and down through the finish line is still burned in the brain.

either way again thanks for the clips :smiley:


keep watching this space!