ben johnson (elder) racing 30m

Even as an elder, this ben johnson is still fast as fuck lol

Haha beatin by 10m over a 30m race!

4.40s over 30m suggest high 11s - low 12s for 100m. The guy he was racing would probably not break 16s in a 100m race.

gives 11.68

Not bad for his age, looked like minor warm up, still wearing tracksuit and was asked to do it on spur of the moment

Stupid question, but i’m so curious…

if ben johnson was brought into this era who would win? usain bolt or big ben…

This calculator isn’t very useful. It assumes that someone running 4.40s over 30m can run a flying 30m in 2.90s, which is extremely unlikely. My best for 30m from blocks was about 4.10s and my best flying 30m was 2.92.

I seem to recall that Charlie stated in this forum that this question was answered by Bolt’s 100m race in Beijing.

Ben says 9.3 based on technology