Ben Johnson documentary from 1988 before Olympic Games.. in japanese

This is unbelievable great documentary about Ben Johnson in 1988. We can see there some training footages and 9.90 wind aided Canadian Championship and his comment about upcoming match with Carl Lewis… must see :slight_smile:

What a great find indeed man. Tnx for sharing. My timing couldn’t be better.
He looks like 180+lbs …at the 4:00 mark
at 6 min. CF is talking about Big Ben taking a nap between the semi and Final in Rome…I thought he was doing Squats like he did in Seoul lol :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll watch the rest later.
Tnx again.

I lied…lol
Ange, is that Dr. Sue Wilson at the 8 min. mark?

Thanks. If I understood Japanese it would have been even better. Check out the guy at 6.34 LMFAO!

great find! Excellent footage to dissect.

Looks like Ben’s doing 1/4 squats with 140kg at 14.00.
Check out Ben’s spinal erector muscles at 17.10!

Ange, do you have any videos of these training runs in your vault? Could you possibly put together a download for the store?
Many thanks, as always

Yes, This is Sue Wilson.
Sue was the only sports psychologist Charlie liked. He felt most of the psychologists caused more harm than good.
Sue continues to practice sport psychology.
I really like her as well and she helped me just before I started running really well.

Remember Nick, Charlie did not like video taping anything and he focused on what he saw then and there. He was not a fan at all of watching video and I see why. I must prefer seeing something live. He taught me what to look for and what I am looking at. For some reason video distorts and I am not able to see things on video that I have been able to see when I watch someone. It’s not to say video is not useful as I know many of you like it. That’s fine.
Unbelievably I have almost ZERO footage of my entire athletic career.
Also remember that we never filmed clients or took any photos of anyone we worked with. We felt grateful for those who took the chance coming to work with us and we did not want to cause them any harm what so ever by showing photos of them with us.
We went to Hawaii with Tim and Marion and have not one photo of all of us together . It was all business.
I do however have the footage of them running at the track. I’d like to post it but I want to speak to Tim and or Marion about it first. I tried calling Marion but I’ve not been successful. She called and left a very nice message May 2010 but I had not picked it up for months after .
i also recently found a cool piece of footage with Charlie working with Natasha and Dima and Sophie for their starts. I will speak to them about posting this as well.

Japanese television paid HUGE money to Ben on more than one occasion. The Japanese loved him and still do.
They gave Ben per diem money that would blow your mind. And that was outside of his contracts.
Have any of you listened to the Victor Conte / Joe Rogan podcast done in 2012 ? If not you need to.
Charlie spent his life working on what Victor speaks about.
Rogan and or Conte speak about *9.79 ( Daniel Gordon’s documentary that he used " Speed Trap" as a basis for this film).
But they speak about so much more. It’s more than 2 hours. Charlie would have loved it this interview.

I started listening to it one day at about 11:30, and forced myself to goto bed 90 minutes later because I had to work the next day. It is quite an interview.

Thanks for the message Ange,
That would be a real treat, to watch Tim and Marion training.
Look forward to checking out Conte and Rogan
Best wishes

I love watching the footage of Ben doing practice runs. I learned a lot just by watching him. Notice how relaxed and easy his standing starts are.

Great find Pavel! Gonna watch this one repeatedly and try to make a Japanese friend to translate.

Well for Tim, he has been doing speed training in Gainesville fl. Im sure you may be able to contact through these links.

Id love to see that footage.


Thank you.
I have sent him a message via Facebook asking to post this . Then I need to figure out how to post it. ;).

Watching people run well or studying those who are great is an essential aspect of learning how to run well.
Everyone can debate about who is running what training sessions and sit and discuss for hours on end what is going on with which coach etc.
More can be learned by creating your own studies , seeking out situations that allow learning from people directly and using your own experiences to make your own decisions.
This is what Charlie did.
This is what he taught me.
He had the advantage of having his family to fall back on.
Most people don’t want to have a job with zero pay for years on end.
Having said that , I see many people have a net gain of negative digits when or if you factor in other aspects you need to consider for long term wellness and or success of a career.

Angie… will you post any footage of him here? Can you do it already? :smiley:

My intent is to post them on You Tube. I’ve touched base with Tim. I don’t have any contact with Marion. She did leave a very nice message in May of 2010 for James and I.
I don’t feel good about posting this footage without speaking with both of them.