Ben Johnson coaching

former Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson is to coach a young athlete at the Leipzig indoor meeting on February 9, organisers said on Monday.

Johnson originally won Olympic 100m gold in Seoul in 1988 but was then stripped of his medal, and 9.79sec world record.

“We believe that Ben Johnson has been punished as an athlete and has the right to be given another chance as a coach,” said the Leipzig meet spokesman Alexander Richter.

Johnson is helping 20-year-old sprinter Brandt Fralick, whose 100m personal best is 10.94sec.

The 45-year-old will be paid 1 000 euros plus travel expenses.

Here is an old link about Brandt.

He ran 10.88 FAT at the BC Highschool provincials a few years back.

hOw come you arent his coach anymore?

While we are still friends and hang out at church and chat when at the track, we have differences of opinion in regards to training.

How is your coaching different from what Ben recommends?

I have no idea what Ben Recommends. I have only met him once for mere moments.

Lots of heavy deadlifts! Hahahahaha. :slight_smile:

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