Ben Johnson autographed spikes

Someone put some some spikes on Ebay that were signed by Ben Johnson (both spikes). The starting bid is (only) $499.

Did Ben ever wear Nike? I thought he had only worn Adidas and Diadora. Looks a little suspect to me.

Ben may have signed them, but I don’t think he wore them to race.

I had those spikes back sophmore year in 1996 when they came out. Was Ben even still racing back then???

Let me know. Just for fun I am going to email those people and tell them something along the lines of sorry to say but Ben didnt race when those spikes were out.

And it says this…

The shoes are a size 40.5 (European) which were signed whilst Ben was in Israel for practice with the Maccabi Tel-Aviv athletics club approximately 5 years ago.

Maybee Charlie can conferm this. Is that even his size? lol.
But 5 years ago those spikes were old. Why the hell would he have worn those.

I imagine that someone else wore the spikes and just had been sign them.

No idea what 40.5 European equals, but Ben was 8 1/2 North Am size. I think 40.5 is larger (??)

That size might be right. I found an old pair of 10.5’s and they were 44.5 European.

sorry to be off topic, but does anyone know how tall ben was and what his weight was?

i believe 5’9" - 5’10" and 175 lbs

You guys are overthinking this. I read the original post and read the auction and immediately deduced that they were a pair of the auctioneer’s spikes that he had gotten Ben to sign (like getting your baseball card signed by the player on it).

Don’t think he’s trying to fool anyone, he never said they were Ben’s spikes…

P.S. I wear size 9, which is generally 42 to 42.5 European.

he said worn by ben johnson

Ben only has one pair of competition worn racing shoes (Diadora) for sale and he wants WAY more than you think. I have this on good authority.

It says that Ben wore them (probably in practice). Doesn’t say that he competed in them and if you look there has been a note added now saying that he got confirmation that Ben wore these shoes. I would think that he should have gotten that confirmation before.

If Ben is selling his own spiKes at a higher price- how would this person have gotten “confirmation” that Ben wore them?? Only Ben could confirm that. Caveat Emptor!

Exactly Mr Francis that what i thought. I dont think Ben would give his spike to some one to sell on his behalf

No Certificate of Authenticity from a reputable source (ie: PSA) - no buy. Simple as that. It’s way to easy to forge sports memorabilia and sell it to unsuspecting buyers on eBay.

But if you are still looking to buy those spikes, I have a few bats in my garage that Mickey Mantle used that I could let go for real cheap!