Ben Johnson add

There is an advertisement on television now in Australia featuring Ben Johnson. It is obviously tongue in cheek. Not sure what to make of it myself. thoughts ??

Nice juicing references. I don’t think personally I’m in the position to talk much, as I’ve never met Ben Johnson myself and I’m not an elite level athlete either but I think anyone who has common sense and knows a wee bit regarding politics in sports and human performance can agree that protein powders aren’t the reason why times are getting faster.

I think at this point, I’m not faulting Ben for deciding to take advantage of the notoriety he gained from the failed tests 25+ years ago. He’ll never change the public’s opinion of him, so why not cash in? I think people respect the honesty, the ad is funny and overall it’s probably better than going the Mark McGwire/Barry Bonds route and fade into obscurity while denying it the whole time.

Personally, I think it’s a little more tasteful that the “I Cheetah all the time” ads he did 10 years ago for that terrible Frank D’Angelo Cheetah Energy Surge product which were embarrassingly bad. Plus these aren’t airing in Canada, which is where people are most sensitive to the situation, so Canadians would only find this via YouTube/Social media - whereas the Cheetah ads were only shown in Canada on prime time TV and got quite the backlash.

I’m sure most of us have witnessed lots of less than ideal judgement from varied walks of life.

Money motivates lots of people to forego judgement because of practical realities or greed or both.

RB just messaged me about a website that has duplicated material I sell with no mention of where is comes from or a direct link to this website and or store. The funny thing is there is other material used from people who owe a great deal to the existence of this site as well but they are given credit for the material they allege belongs to them.

Canada benefitted tremendously from the hard work and dedication of a few in track and field yet there continues to be a lack of public recognition for the history.

Our government has shamelessly taken all sorts of rights and land from the natives because they could.

Maybe you want to live on the right side of things or maybe you are too weak to speak up for yourself or others or just can’t.

I think it’s kinda funny that a gambling website has taken humor and sarcasm to advertise their app. Is this a service or dis service? Too each his or her own?

A lot of people in Australia are up in arms about the ad, why because of Ben.

My personal opinion is, I don’t care. Good luck to Ben and the advertisers