Ben Johnson 50m WIR 5.55 (1987 Ottawa)

Video of Ben’s 5.55 I saw on a news archive website that I uploaded to youtube

Ben setting a then-WIR 5.55 for 50m at the 1987 Ottawa Winternational Indoor Games (Fri 31 Jan). As we know he would go on to run a WIR 6.41 over 60m at the 1987 World Indoor Championships in Indianapolis, IN, USA (Sat 7 Mar). Later that summer he would break the WR in the 100m outdoors at the 1987 World Championships in Rome, ITA with 9.83 (+1.0) and the later Biomechanical Study (not the Fast study) split-time segment data showed Ben reaching the 50m and 60m segments in 5.55 and 6.38 respectively, so comparable with his Indoors times achieved with zero wind

Thanks for posting this. What a great piece of history… I love it.

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