Ben Johnson 1987

Found this link with a series of TV show clips from 1987 about Ben Johnson. Look for an appearance by Dr Evil himself, Charlie:

Good clips!

Is it just me or does charlie remind me you the emperor from star wars in that clip?!?!?!

wow…good video…thanks!

I can’t seem to get these clips to play…I press play or click the image and nothing happens…anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

you have to wait server loads the clip
Have you adsl (fast connection)?

I like it!! My favorite part is the Ben’s last line in the video.

Interviewer: “How fast could yo go?”
Ben: “On a good day… maybe 9.90s”

ha ha

Also, that Astaphan interview is painful to watch. He is just forced to tip toe around everything. Poor guy


we all know that’s really jon davies there, not CF

were do you guys get your information from???

lets leave john davis entity out of this forum…

justin gatlin hit 6o meter @ 6.39
ben johnson hit 60 meter @ 6.33…

your honour the prosecution rests…


what time would ben have run if he hadn’t have been called back in the indoor WC’s.he ran 6.41 after being called back!!!

amaxing ben amazing and also charlie :eek: :eek: