Ben, Carl, Linford and all others in the 1988 final to race again in 2004?

Word is that all of the finalists in the 1988 Olympic 100 meter
final are being offered a substantial amount of money to race again in 2004. The prize money is rumored to be $ 1,000,000. Does anyone
think this race will actualize? If it does, any predictions? Will the winner
be Ben, Carl, Linford, Dennis? Charlie, what’s up with this rumor?
It would be entertaining !

Where did you hear this? But yeah, I think it would be great!

heheh that would be cool!

I would love to see, but I really can’t see the race happening. I’m curious where did you hear this rumour? Also, what’s everyone’s opinion on who would win and why? My personal vote would go to Mitchell, who has been running at the international level much more recently then the others.

Who cares.

Great athletes, but I’m not interested.

I’ve heard this also.

Dennis was offered this…but like any smart business man he asked for some money up front!

Who really cares who wins. All are far from their prime and whoever wins will have not proven anything. But if $1M is involved I’m sure it will still be somewhat entertaining.

I think that it will be fun to watch. It will be more exciting than the sprints were this past season.

My bet would be on Linford Christie!

What kinda shape they all in?

It is hard to envision Linford Christie not being in good shape…
The same goes for Ben Johnson. If I’m not wrong he spoke of a comeback as late as 2000.

a pathetic rumor


Carl would not compete becuase he’ll be the most out of shape(sprint wise -deffinately, didn’t he get dodgy knees?) and without Carl I cant see the race happening.

If Carl cant be bothered they could ask MJ and Donovan Bailey to take his place, I think they would be up for it if they were offered an amount just to turn up.

It’ll never happen

lol :smiley: That would be awesome, who doesn’t like bringing back legends. In Sprinting I believe they should emphasize the competition between opponents aspect of sprinting more often, rather then just times. They should have more challenge matches between sprinters in general.

It would be strange yet entertaining to see world class guys running high 10 low 11 seconds in the 100 :slight_smile:

I want this too happen.

i can’t see carl lewis turning up unless the stakes for him are higher than the far as i know hes still in awesome shape and works out on track whenever he can but nothing too crazy.

leave the past in the past and stop trying to reinact it…

Doesn’t sound so unlikely now, does it?

ATHLETICS: $1m to re-run tainted 100m
By MIKE HURST in Sydney
PRIZEMONEY of $1 million has been promised by promoters attempting to re-run the most scandalous race in Olympic history – the Seoul men’s 100m final.

The 1988 Olympic final saw Canada’s Ben Johnson smash the world record with a winning time of 9.79sec in defeating Carl Lewis, Linford Christie and others.

Three days later it was announced Johnson had tested positive for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol. Johnson lost his world record and his gold medal, with America’s 1984 Los Angeles champion Lewis promoted one place to become the only man in history to retain the Olympic 100m crown.

According to The Advertiser sources, Johnson had a race contract in his car in Toronto last week.

Johnson said other Seoul finalists, including Lewis, had agreed in principle to the re-race although Britain’s 1992 Barcelona Olympic gold medallist Christie, ironically, was allegedly holding out with his demand that all competitors be drug tested.

Christie was banned after testing positive for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone, which registered at a level 1000 times above that which would constitute a failed test.

Sources said money for the proposed race was being put up by South Koreans. The race would be scheduled for Seoul probably in September next year after the Athens Olympics.