behold the shame- 11.61

heres the vid from my 11.61s meet
i am in lane 2… notice how i smoke everyone to 30m even though it was a shit start for me personally- but then my stride gets f**ked up… came 2nd, winner was 11.2 something…
will post another 11.7 time trial in a few minutes with better view

run it in VLC player or virtual DUB MPEG … my friend opens it with media player but i dont have the codec

You look even with the guy in white until about 10-15m and still kept up (he was only about .5m ahead) until 30m or so. You had a pretty good start.

You looked really sluggish after about 25-30m or so. You’re a big dude and you look to have a hard time holding a good sprint position, probably because of fatigue a bit, but definitely related to size as well.

Nothing really sticks out as being wrong except for things you would expect at the 11.6 level–not being able to run well through the line, fatiguing a bit, having a hard time holding the sprint position @ top speed, etc.

I gotcha, thanks…
so it’s still a matter of fitness, I should have trained on it harder in the off season thats all i can say… well at least do you see some potential in here ?

heres a 11.7 TT side view… this was 1 day after a race and i was really tired … waste of time

I agree with Davan, it’s not like your stride get fubar, the only thing I can see is that you might get a little tight, that’s it.

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I mean, you just need to work on everything–there isn’t one particular thing that is holding you back from running a second faster or whatever. You’re not running 3.80 to 30m or 6.70 to 60m and going 11.5-11.7 to 100m. It takes time to improve and it isn’t easy for most. You probably need a bit more fitness to finish at your size, but it’s certainly within the range of a normal performance for your level. Just keep working–probably work on relaxing a bit once you’re past 20-30m because you kind of fight yourself there and get a little tight.

And 11.61 is nothing to be ashame of. It’s much faster then what Carl Lewis can do today. But you shouldn’t compare yourself with that guy anyway.

Yea… I will keep working at it !
Thanks davan and nfs … just making sure i dont miss anything significant as usual… this stuff is important to me, i dont want to waste time doing the wrong things.