Behind The Scenes With Khalifa St. Fort Ato boldons athlete.


funny, after watching ato this year ive adopted the walking a lap. After reading the relax and win book, I think this lap gives you a chance to relax and clear your mind.
Ive noticed with the ben type start I have to be quick before big. But after a few steps I focus on what ato said about letting the movement finish. Thats when the strides get big. I may need to see if I can combine both from the beginning for example, explode out two steps boom boom, then it becomes booooom…boooom…boooomuntil max v then it becomes boom boom boom boom boom


Thanks for the share.
His comments starting the 1:10 mark where he talks about he’s gone through what they have gone through…
love it.
reminds me of a Story that I read on Brian Tracy years ago. I wished I saved it.
It’s the one where someone falls into a hole and is stuck. People are passing by and refuse or can’t help out… then one guy comes along and jumps in there with him.
The guy that was stuck says…Why did you do that for? Now we are both stuck!
It’s Ok. I’ve been down here before… I know the way out. Let’s go.

The other side of this is to visit the households of the ppl one coaches…Not to judge them in their own home/environment but to help one understand what they have to go through day to day, etc.

great clip and thanks for sharing. honestly I don’t get it why ato has kept the logic of head down for so long. I know Smith has pushed this principal for years but I’m iffy bout it. thoughts?

It’s more than just her head down - her torso is very bent over too. I know I would stumble every time if I ran like that. Even Mann teaches having a bit of a torso angle, but it ain’t that much.

Yea the start tech is real weird to me also. Is extremely extreme. But I guess is different ways to skin that cat

We pretty much changed from this fashion of acceleration to more emphasis to post from 5-7 steps after clearance. Not only was applied power better utilized but the transition with maxV was better with regard to joint stabilization and posture. Of course, I’m referring to the short sprints exclusively here.

Just seeing this - WOW…


Ato has another girl who is a 9th grader. She left him for a year then returned this year. She did a year at IMG academy in bradenton. Brianna williams. WHile at img she was running between 12.8-12.0 cracking a 11.98 once. She moved back to train with him and has gone 11.6 twice. She lives under 12 now. Ato has about 6 kids he trains and they all have the same start.
It still looks odd to me, but you cant argue with results.

THis is the track I do most of my training at. Excellent facility. Mondo surface


I don’t like the start position his athletes are in; I think there is energy and speed loss through hip flexion/extension that will result from each stride. I could be wrong though.

Hey, if you can coach it and it works for your athletes then who am I to judge…

Maybe you should ask Ato if he has any tips for you!

If the situation arises I will. But im not one to stop a guy to ask questions about myself. I hate it when people do it to me. Usually happens while training

Fair enough. It could be a little difficult to be in the right situation to ask him.

I might get lucky, I know he is now taking his kids to my therapist so I might catch him there one day. But I just eavesdrop most of the time while they are training. lol

5/17 spec end
3 oh, 2 med accl
10,20,30 b starts sub max
3x160m sub max in my cross country spikes for extra cushion.

h pull 5x3x135
speed sq, 5x2x225

e salt bath. stretch

felt great today.

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