Beginner "sprinter" Needs help.


2 x of 400m
3 x of 100m


High Knee Running 2 x 20m
Butt Kicks 2 x 20m
Straight Leg Bounds 2 x 20m It’s not the same as straight leg bounds but somewhat similiar.

4 x 200m
1 x 180 because I took too long rest and it started to feel bad.

Please comment and advise me so I can improve myself.

If you want to improve yourself use the search button and shop online tab. :slight_smile:

And title your journal with your name or a title less assuming.



What distances do you plan of focusing on, what are your times, training experience, and setup right now?

I suggest finding a coach. It’s almost impossible to coach yourself.

Thanks for the responses.

I just started sprinting and I have done two workouts before today’s race.

The time that I got today is (12,3 @ 100m).

I haven’t any experience in sprinting. I haven’t trained for few years seriously any sport.

I am not trying to train alone. I do have a coach but he just did an operation for his knee and I want to condition myself.

What this movement in english?

kool i be glad to help ya, how old are you and are you male or female?

Well i dont know what it would be called with that rubber band, (its simply a strengthing drill) but that is just a high knee or A-skip motion.

I’m 21 male. Today I warmed two laps of 400m.

Little joints rotation and dynamic stretching.

Then we started throwing shot put. I used a shot pu that weighted (2kg).

Best throw from the front was 18,45m I don’t remeber what was from the back but it was much less, maybe 15,3 or little bit more.

Little static stretching in the end.

Why are you throwing a shot put around if you wanna be a sprinter?

I guess it’s an exercise that develops hip power.

you should really visit the online store and read the product descriptions as well as the reviews and recommendations sub forum on the board and invest in some quality charlie francis education.

also, just by looking at how some of the people have their training set up in their journals you can get a general feel as to what a weekly training split should/could look like.

another thing, if there’s a coach or club who produces relatively quality results near you, then it might be good to try to link up with them.

So what kind of program are you following right now? Or is it more of a just show up and do what you feel like thing for now?

Krisbster. I am not following any kind of program. I am just showing up and the coach tells me what to do. Let’s see what the training will be like today.

Are all the videos of the store downloadable?

Warm-up 800m slow paced jogging.

5*100m running started very slow and we runned @ 60-70% not sure just guessing.

Then we started again to run slowly and raise the speed.

8*100m last 4 laps should’ve been the fastest but at the fourth and fifth I felt best after that I started to lose speed.

Cool-down 800m very slow paced jogging.

Short static streches each stretch hold lasted 10 sec.

02.07.2008 My training was like this.

800m Warm-Up
5*100m The pace increase steadily

Then we started training getting of from the blocks and it was the first time for me.

We did 10 rounds if I remeber correctly.

Cool-Down 800m

Static stretching.

Next morning I noticed that I have injuried my hamstring.

Today was the first training day after my injury.

800m Warm-Up
Little bit static stretching.
800m Cool-Down
Static stretching.