before comp

what suggestions would someone have pre race. Just to sharpen the mental reaction and help with performance, LEGALLY!!

just to clarify, I am talking about supplements and dieting, not training alone

kava kava is a good one.


Yep… tyrosine(1g-2g), some caffeine(50mg-200mg), mp3 player (if allowed).

Yeh there’s quite a few, but everyone reacts differently to them too (caffiene the perfect example), so experiment with timing at training first.

Also the planning would be important over heats etc too.

I am not involved in sprinting so I can’t be a help with that.

what is Kava^2?

How long before a race for caffeine?

Can you take it in another form? Ginseng or guana extract for example?

I would love to hear how Kava Kava would be used pre-race, since many use it to help them fall asleep…

I like just drinking some tea/coffee (if I can handle the taste, hate coffee but love tea) in the morning sometime or about 45 minutes before I begin to warm-up. Not too stimulating, not going to put you over the legal limit, but good enough to let you focus a bit.