Before(2-3 hours) sport-training(speed or weigth)

What to Eat Before Sports?Is better Carbo Low Insulin Index and Pro( vegetable or Fat “good” and Pro+ green vegetable?

I think high GI food is only active in the blood stream for 60-90 mins. You said 2-3 hours, so probably low GI.

Don’t see how fat would help, apart from taste. They say it slows absorption, some people eat fat with high GI foods. You won’t know the rate the food is being absorbed at, with a chick pea you know.

Whats GI?


GI=glycemic index=the rate at wich a corbohydrate is absorbed in the blood

high g.i=fast absorbsion=big insulin spike=amino acids and nutrients go faster to the cells but you feel lethargic later because of lack of insulin

low g.i=slow absorbsion=fairly constant insulin in the blood=feeling good all the time

more or less:P

can you give examples of food with low and high gi please

thanks alot.

High GI- mostly processed/packaged garbage made with refined sugar and white flour.
Low GI- mostly natural foods except for some fruits.